A dance to the music of time as two becomes one

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 11 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 11 September, 2011, 12:00am


Dan's Exhibitionist
Drama Theatre, HK Academy for Performing Arts
Reviewed: Sep 9
Last performance today, 5pm

Daniel Yeung is among Hong Kong's most outstanding choreographers and dance performers. He was originally a visual artist, a background which informs his striking design concepts and use of multi-media.

He started training as a dancer very late (at 29) but turned this potential handicap to his advantage by developing a style of movement uniquely his own.

For his latest solo show Yeung has revisited his first major work, Dance Exhibitionist - a Paradise for Natural Body. Created in 1999, it was hailed for its ground-breaking use of video, which enabled Yeung to dance with himself to explore the two faces of an artist as choreographer and dancer.

Wryly retitled Dan's Exhibitionist, the new version uses video from the original, confronting today's Yeung with himself 12 years ago. The show proves that he has lost nothing of his ability to be visually inventive.

He and his multimedia team have produced numerous effects that are as original in concept as they are brilliant in execution. Among the highlights was a duet between Yeung and his younger self, projected life-size at stage level to create the illusion of reality. The dancer alternately interacts with this alter ego, or at times steps into the projection so that the two become one.

Yet despite these startling effects, the most powerful sequence is the opening, where a totally naked Yeung demonstrates his unique ability to create sculptural forms with his body.

The show ends with one of Yeung's signature references to flight as he is lifted over the heads of the audience on a billowing canopy.