Cecil Chao

Chao chopper barred from Kadoorie's pad

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 November, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 November, 1994, 12:00am


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REAL estate tycoon Cecil Chao has good reason to be peeved with hotel magnate Michael Kadoorie.

When Kadoorie opened the helipad at his mega-buck refurbished Peninsula for business Chao was hoping it would make his life that much easier.

How much better to fly over from his Pokfulam villa with exotic American-Vietnamese wife Terri for dinner at Gaddi's or Felix than endure traffic in the harbour tunnel in one of his fleet of Rolls-Royces? No such luck. For Chao has since discovered that only twin-engine helicopters are permitted to land at the Pen, and his is a single-engine chopper.

But what's worse is that he bought it, albeit about two years ago, on the advice of aero enthusiast Kadoorie.

'Michael was my adviser when I bought my helicopter and now I can't use it on his helipad,' moaned Chao to Keeping Posted in the presence, we might add, of Kadoorie and his adorable Cuban wife Betty.

Affable Kadoorie did offer in mitigation that he cou ldn't use the Pen helipad either because his helicopter was also a single-engine one. So Chao will just have to be content flying Terri instead to the helipad of his $50 million yacht Happy Sea Lodge for a mid-ocean supper.