How our readers see themselves

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 September, 2011, 12:00am


Jacqueline Chau, 17, Hong Kong International School

I am happy with who I am, but I am trying to improve my appearance, personality and intelligence. One thing that lets me down would be my 'single eyelid' on one of my eyes; I wish I had 'double eyelids' on both eyes. I admire the American actress Leighton Meester for her elegance. Also, I look up to my mother for her successful career and support for the family. I want to become a successful woman when I grow up.

Vicki Lau, 18, St Paul's Convent School

In terms of my physical appearance and health, I would rate myself 5 out of 10. I definitely need some weight watching because I have never been 'skinny'. Also, I never liked my nose. There are many people that influence me in my life, such as my friends.

Leo Cheng, 18, TWGHs Li Ka Shing College

My self-image very much depends on who I hang around with. I am more confident about myself when I am with my close friends, but less so with strangers. Good academic performance definitely boosts my self-image. I pay close attention to international fashion shows and brand commercials to keep in touch with the the latest fashion trends. I am conscious of what others think of me by looking at what I wear.

Clara Fung, 18, University of Cambridge (UK)

My perception of myself varies a lot depending on my mood. On a good day, I will be satisfied; on a bad day, my faults stick out like a sore thumb, making me feel less confident. Like all girls, I'd like to be taller, skinner and healthier. I look up to my family and friends for their qualities, such as determination and rationality.

Kenneth Leung, 17, TWGHs Li Ka Shing College

In general, I am a fairly confident person. I am especially proud of my musical achievements. My talent for music is a crucial part of my positive image. My teachers also play a big role in influencing the way I look at myself. Their enthusiasm and passion make me want to be more responsible and conscientious.

Derek Ha, 17, TWGHs Li Ka Shing College

My good academic performance is definitely a great source of pride; it gives me a sense of accomplishment. My family has a huge impact on my self-image. As a child, I lacked confidence because I never had any 'say' at home. However, I gradually built my confidence when I met my friends at secondary school, who accept and value me for who I am.

Wendy Cheung, 18, St Paul's Convent School

Seeing people who are better than me makes me feel rather uncomfortable about myself. Then I want to change and become more like them. But I am realistic about what I am capable of achieving and I will always try my best and work with what I've got.

Patrick Ng, 17, St Mark's School of Texas (US)

I am happy to be me. My friends think I am an all-rounder - being good at my studies, sports and music. I do not look up to any celebrities as role models. I follow the examples of my parents, who are a positive and vital influence on me. They have shown me that with selflessness, compassion and diligence I can achieve great things.