Loud and proud

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 September, 2011, 12:00am


Band: Scandal
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Albums: Best Scandal (2009), Temptation Box (2010), Baby Action (2011)
Members: Haruna Ono (vocals), Mami Sasazaki (guitar), Tomomi Ogawa (bass), Rina Suzuki (drums)

Haruna: Mid-Autumn Festival in Hong Kong is ... kind of similar to what we do in Japan. We eat mochi (rice cake) and watch the moon with our families. But here it seems to be more of a family thing. And here they eat mooncakes instead. We tried it right before our gig [on Monday]. [Collectively] Delicious!

Tomomi: We love ... anime. And that's possibly one of the reasons our songs are featured in some anime shows. Illustrators and writers probably felt that [love] in our music and that's why they chose our songs. We make the music first then it's selected by producers for the shows.

Mami: Our style of clothing has ... changed over the years. Rina will be 20 [age of majority in Japan] this year, and we'll all be considered adults. We wanted to change our style a little to be more sexy and cool. We had a discussion and decided it was time.

Tomomi: During gigs we try to ... say something in the language of the country we're performing in. It makes them feel happy and they can understand us much better. We think that language is really important in gaining international success. Maybe sometimes the lyrics may not touch people's hearts as much, since they don't understand them.

Haruna: We only know ... some simple words in Cantonese. Stuff like 'hi' and 'how are you?'. But anything on a deeper level, we haven't learned yet.

On September 28 we will be releasing our DVD called Video Action. It's a collection of our biggest music videos.

Rina: My advice to teens is ... to pursue music if it's in your heart. If you have a desire to make music, then it means you have the will to do it. So you should just go for it.

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