Night on the town to mend a broken heart ended in true romance

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 September, 2011, 12:00am


This Lunar New Year, Whisky Chong set out on a mission to find a rebound guy after a heartbreaking end to a relationship. Instead, she found herself a lifetime partner. Which just goes to prove you never know just how close your Mr Right could be.

Whisky, 28, a hair stylist, and Mohammed Habibour Rahaman, 24, a garment trader, were married on July 11. They celebrated with an intimate party at The Boat House restaurant in Stanley and will also have an Indian wedding in November in Calcutta, where Mohammed was born and raised.

The two met at the Tonic bar in February. Earlier that day, Whisky had broken up with her previous boyfriend. 'I was so mad at him and at myself, and I really wanted to get over him. So I went out partying with my girlfriends and wanted to have a blast,' Whisky said.

Sitting at the bar, Whisky saw Mohammed and thought he was really cute. But he was too shy to approach Whisky.

Just as Whisky thought Mohammed had left the party, she met him again at a queue for the washrooms and they started to talk. Whisky invited him to join her at the bar and although Mohammed didn't drink, he enjoyed the company.

They went to see a movie the next day and love gradually blossomed.

'I've never met a guy who can handle me so well,' Whisky said. 'We had those deep conversations from early on and understood that we both wanted the same things in life.'

After dating for about two months, they started getting serious about marriage. And then Mohammed popped the big question.

'I hadn't been in any serious relationships before meeting Whisky,' said Mohammed, who came to Hong Kong two years ago. 'But Whisky is different. She has her flaws, but she really understands me and takes very good care of me.'

Whisky is equally happy. 'We have very good communication,' she said. 'He never pushes me to do anything. But I think I'll make changes because I love him. That's why I think we are so compatible.' This was one of the reasons she had decided to convert to Islam.




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