Evaline serve up solid debut

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 25 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 25 September, 2011, 12:00am


Evaline are on a roll. They've toured with Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and the Deftones. Don't let their coiffed hair and matching outfits fool you - this is a rock band with an attitude.

Woven Material, their first full-length album, is a great follow-up to the EPs which helped the band gain a huge fan base all over the States. Their music is definitely rock/alternative, but there's something soulful about them - think Death Cab For Cutie with louder guitar and pulsating beats.

One of the band's favourite tracks, Feeding the Congregation, sets itself apart with a crazy drum beat and dirty guitar riffs - Evaline experiments here with a much darker, brutally raw sound. Later in the album, the band surprises us with Equally, a quieter song with soothing synths which highlight lead singer Richard Perry's vocals.

While other bands might be accused of over-producing a track like There There, Evaline pulls it off perfectly while still keeping their oh-so-effortless sound. With layered, haunting vocals and a catchy refrain, this has proved to be a crowd favourite.

Their full-length debut is evidence that Evaline can churn out hit after hit, but at times it seems like a continuation of their EPs - after all, themes such as brooding, angst and death do get old. To move on, Evaline need to get out of their comfort zone.