Second blogger draws ire over wealth

PUBLISHED : Monday, 26 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 26 September, 2011, 12:00am


While many of the public's questions remain unanswered about the curious wealth of Guo Meimei, the young woman whose online exhibition of her luxury cars and bags led to suspicions of abuse of charity money, another young woman is raising similar questions.

The second woman, showing off her extravagant lifestyle online, has prompted questions about whether the wealth came from her father, who is reportedly the deputy chief of a poor county in Guizhou.

A Tianfu Morning Post report identified the woman, who was seen carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and an Hermes bag, as You Yixi, a college student in Guiyang and daughter of You Chenghua, deputy chief of Jinping county.

You Yixi has deleted her postings on her Weibo microblog account, but internet users have kept pictures of them. One said, 'A present for my uncle cost more than 17,000 yuan (HK$20,600), and I'm responsible for 6,000 yuan', according to the report. Another said: 'I have too many clothes that I only just noticed that there are so many completely new ones, and I forgot to wear them'.

Internet users have left angry messages. 'The outfit of this Miss You costs hundreds of thousands of yuan, more than 50 years of the total income of a local farmer. Isn't that interesting?' wrote one internet user.

In response, You Yixi said: 'A man of moral integrity does not fear any slanderous attack ... Please be reasonable.' But apparently the undesired fame has become a burden, as she wrote, 'I'm scared', but deleted it along with her other postings.