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No rest in Sino Land's pursuit of excellence

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 September, 2011, 12:00am


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By adopting the total quality management (TQM) system, Sino Land has gained added competitive advantage and further boosted momentum in the company's pursuit of quality excellence.

Alice Ip, the associate director of human resources at Sino Land, says the company is working continuously towards becoming the preferred choice for customers, investors and employees. Sino Land is a bronze award winner in this year's HKMA Quality Award.

In Sino Land's corporate philosophy, quality is a journey. 'There is nothing such as the best - only better,' Ip continues. 'Continuous improvement is the foundation of our quality management philosophy. We have, therefore, developed and implemented management practices that enable us to move forwards in our endeavours to strive for quality excellence.'

The leadership of Sino Land has taken the initiative in enhancing communication, which is crucial in ensuring the alignment of values among its workforce. The senior management team is personally involved in many communication channels to cascade corporate directions and listen to suggestions from employees.

'Meanwhile, we are highly committed to corporate governance and compliance in our everyday business and have adopted a 'zero tolerance' policy against all unethical work behaviour,' Ip says. 'In our operations, we have established various control measures such as the undertaking of risk assessment by each department twice a year.'

Strategic planning is another foundation in Sino Land's TQM implementation. The company reviews its business strategies and formulates business goals on an annual basis. Key performance indicators are defined for measuring results. Business performance is closely monitored. The company also conducts formal staff performance reviews at mid-year and year-end, according to Ip.

Sino Land takes a customer-oriented approach in its overall quality enhancement. The company believes quality is defined by customers' changing expectations. 'It is crucial that we listen to our customers through every means and channel possible,' Ip says.

A host of activities to canvass for ideas are carried out to get suggestions from customers, including regular surveys and customer visits.

To keep itself abreast of the latest market trends, the company also conducts benchmarking and internet research.

'We consider customer feedback a 'gift' and an opportunity for us to become a better organisation,' Ip notes. 'We follow through on every piece of customer feedback through an electronic tracking system. Our 'Mystery Shopper Survey' provides independent checking of our service standards with benchmark against other industry players.'

Sino Land has developed integrated in-house systems for corporate knowledge management and measurement.

'These systems enable us to streamline work processes, thus generating efficient, effective and systematic review of performance and responsiveness to the market,' Ip adds.

Effective communication helps ensure alignment of values among Sino Land's 10,000 employees across various locations.

'We deploy different channels of communication to cascade corporate messages, collect feedback and opinions from the workforce,' says Ip.

Sino Land believes happy customers go hand in hand with happy staff. In addition to recognition schemes and team-building activities, the company rewards its employees based on their performance. 'We nurture talent and develop staff potential through systematic and comprehensive talent development and training programmes. We have a total of 12 training academies to ensure that our employees receive the necessary skills in order to broaden their individual job scopes,' Ip says.

Participation in the HKMA Quality Award has been a valuable experience for Sino Land. 'In addition to having had the opportunity to undertake a systematic review of where we are in our quality journey, participation in the award has proved to be a great opportunity for team work and close collaboration among teams from different departments,' Ip says.

'We are honoured to receive the bronze award. [It] is not only a recognition of our continuous efforts in the pursuit and deployment of TQM, but is also the impetus for us to continue our quality journey,' she adds.