IDS 'walks the talk', goes extra mile for quality job

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 September, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 September, 2011, 12:00am


By adopting the principles of total quality management (TQM), bronze award winner IDS Logistics (Hong Kong) has been able to differentiate its services in a competitive market.

'This has, in turn, resulted in an unprecedented level of business wins. In a volatile environment, IDS has recorded impressive growth that outpaces the market, thanks to our adoption of TQM,' says Joseph Phi, president of Li & Fung Group's LF Logistics, which counts IDS as a 'business stream' that provides in-country logistics.

A strong quality mindset permeates all levels of the company through IDS's continuing pursuit of quality-focused initiatives, says Phi.

'Since we started the quality journey, IDS has invested heavily in staff learning and development, enhancement of work environment and processes, productivity improvement tools and information systems,' he adds.

'The award recognises our efforts in making TQM a part of our daily work life. We owe this accolade to the men and women of IDS who have moulded our organisation into the ever-progressing company that it is today.'

TQM is neither a fad nor a 'flavour-of-the-month', Phi adds. It requires dedication and commitment across the organisation. 'Starting from the day we decided to adopt TQM, the leadership team has strived to ensure that each initiative, decision and action reflects the importance of quality. We have to walk the talk.'

Equipped with a deeper understanding of TQM, IDS sees the value in obtaining best-in-class validation of all its operating processes. Many of its operations have acquired ISO certification.

'We aim to have all our processes certified by 2011. This is done with the participation of all our staff. Beyond certification, we fully embrace continuous improvement,' says Phi. 'Across all measures of operating and quality performance, we have raised the bar year on year. This has benefitted not only us, but, most importantly, also our customers.'

IDS has committed substantial resources to process enhancement under TQM. It has invested heavily in information technology, encompassing such areas as workforce management and training and development. 'Our aim is to link our investment not only to improvements in operating performance, but also in overall quality management,' Phi notes. 'These crucial changes have helped strengthen the foundation of IDS.'

Phi believes IDS's customers rely on the company for three key deliverables: superior customer service, competitive price and 'thought leadership' in helping them anticipate and respond to future challenges and opportunities. 'The changes we have introduced will certainly play an important role towards these goals,' he says.

IDS entered the HKMA Quality Award to win recognition for its employees dedication to quality management, Phi adds.

'Our staff's passion for work excellence, exceptional customer service and willingness to go the extra mile sets us apart. As such, we make sure they are taken care of, given the best training and recognised for their efforts. The recognition that the Quality Award brings will be a catalyst for further motivation and encouragement,' he says. 'Participating in the award also allowed us to benchmark against other prominent Hong Kong companies. This not only allows us to know how we compare against the very best, but also to look at ways to improve further,' he says.

Phi says that their participation in the awards has prompted them to take a more holistic view of how they apply the concept of quality, and enabled them to further extend their scope of quality systems into other areas of their business.

'Take leadership, for instance... The Quality Award sheds light on more systematic ways of nurturing future leaders, while defining programmes that hone leadership skills across our organisation,' he says.