China should lead the way to space

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 04 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 04 October, 2011, 12:00am


Yang Liwei , the first Chinese astronaut to be sent into space, helped China become a leader in the international space programme. His Shenzhou 5 mission in 2003 was a historic moment for China.

The mainland continues to develop its ambitious space programme and I welcome its drive. The programme shows the world that China is capable of hi-tech engineering. I have an interest in space technology and research. I hope that scientists can find out more about the secrets of the universe.

Down here on Earth, our planet is suffering from climate change and other environmental problems because of pollution and destructive human activities.

Some scientists predict that soon the Earth may no longer be suitable for people to live. If that is so, space technology may be our last chance, helping us relocate to other planets. China can help lead the world if such a situation arises.

Alex Ng

From the Editor

Thank you for your e-mail, Alex. We should be very proud of China and what it has achieved in space. Let us hope that it will become a leading power in the field and we will all benefit from the new technology.

You mention, though, that our planet might become uninhabitable, which is true. Then you suggest that we might use space travel to find another planet to live on. This is also entirely possible.

If that were to happen, however, it would seem that only the wealthiest people in this world would be able to afford to move. Billions would be left behind to cope with the mess we have made. That prospect is not just unfair; it is quite chilling.

We need to save this planet first, and if we are able to find another habitable one, then we can treat that as a bonus.

Susan, Editor