Abduction (Film)

PUBLISHED : Friday, 07 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 07 October, 2011, 12:00am


Life is filled with debates that divide humanity right down the middle. One involves the two opposing camps of Twilight fandom: Team Edward versus Team Jacob. Which are you on?

For some time, Team Edward has had the upper hand. That's because Robert Pattinson has been the lead in several movies outside Twilight. Taylor Lautner, meanwhile, has not done much else, apart from a minor part in the romantic comedy Valentine's Day.

Now comes Abduction, starring Lautner as Nathan, a high school student who learns that his life has been one big lie. With his neighbour Karen (Lily Collins), he sets out to solve the mystery of his past, even as he needs to get away from baddies who are after him.

Abduction is Bourne Identity-meets-Nickelodeon: a watered-down version of Matt Damon's films. Interaction between the two teen leads is stiff and their dialogue unnatural.

A number of revelations rely too much on coincidence. Nathan, the hot head with a heart, reminds you of Jacob - Lautner even does his trademark brooding, expressionless looks.

The biggest question you ask going into the movie is when Lautner will expose his toned body. Answer: in the first 10 minutes. We also get him doing his best impression of Zoolander's Magnum. Or is it Blue Steel?