Sleeping easy is child's play

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 October, 2011, 12:00am


Kokoon is a designer and manufacturer of contemporary Asian beds, mattresses and high-quality bed linen using the best natural fibres such as pure cotton, linen and silk. Supported by a team of experienced craftsmen and seamstresses, the company offers a range that will suit any modern bedroom.

Half of the spacious 6,000 sqft showroom is dedicated to children's bedroom furniture. Made of solid pine harvested from sustainable forest in Finland, Kokoon's children's furniture has no paint, no smell and is safe. They carry the largest range of solid wood children's furniture in Hong Kong.

The company was established in 2002. 'We were the first store in Horizon Plaza to specialise in providing a better sleeping comfort and environment,' says Kokoon's Moira Chan. 'We were also the first to open a major showroom dedicated to children's beds, mattresses, furniture, linen, and genuine Australian-made Tontine hypo-allergenic quilts and pillows.'

The showroom has the widest range of bed linen on display in Hong Kong - not sealed in packaging but displayed on beds.

As the designer and manufacturer of its own beds, linen and mattresses, Kokoon has direct access to suppliers, and the staff understand the complexity of production and the nature of doing business in China and elsewhere in Asia. 'We strive to understand our customers' needs for quality, value and efficiency. It is not easy to link the two unless you have the drive, determination, cultural understanding, language skills and passion,' Chan says. 'As an SME [small and medium-sized enterprise], we are flexible, efficient and resourceful. Unlike bigger companies, we do not work through agents. Our products are exclusively designed by us, for us, or exclusively available to us.'

Kokoon has also formed partnerships with internationally known brands such as Tontine, Intex, which makes the world's No1 airbeds in terms of quality and volume, and Kelly & Windsor.

'We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for Kelly & Windsor's pure alpaca quilts, pillows and under-blankets,' Chan says. 'Alpaca is a very high-quality natural fibre, much rarer than cashmere, which has an excellent soft feel. It is naturally clean, free of chemicals in production, warm yet light and has high moisture absorbency.'

Providing a full service from choosing the right mattress, beds, pillows and quilts - even custom-making mattresses and alpaca quilts to size - to styling the bedroom itself with co-ordinating accessories, Kokoon is a one-stop shop.