A bad week for ...

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 October, 2011, 12:00am


Bryce Lawrence

Here's how bad it was for the rugby referee. A New Zealander who shares his name was inundated with telephone calls from angry South African fans who blame the Kiwi official for their team's Rugby World Cup exit. The poor guy got calls at all hours of the night after his number was posted on a number of websites, which sprang up in fury over South Africa's defeat to Australia, 11-9, last weekend, putting the defending champions out of the tournament.

Liam Fox

After more than a week of damaging headlines about his personal and professional relationship with Adam Werritty, Britain's defence minister, Liam Fox, resigned on Friday. Werritty never held any official position, but accompanied Fox on numerous official trips abroad and appeared to have brokered access for Fox to businessmen and lobbyists, many of them linked to Israel and Dubai. Prime Minister David Cameron replaced Fox with Philip Hammond, the transport secretary.

Bishop Joseph Zen Ze-kiun

The outspoken former head of the city's Catholic diocese had to eat humble pie on Thursday after the highest court upheld the government's school reforms of 2004. For five years Zen battled the government, saying the reforms - requiring 40 per cent of the school board be elected by parents, teachers and alumni - would undermine the church's autonomy in running its schools, and calling the government 'heartless'.