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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 October, 2011, 12:00am


Our editors will be looking ahead today to these developing stories ...

Businessman in HK$5.5b divorce case testifies

A wealthy businessman facing a HK$5.5 billion maintenance lawsuit from his ex-wife is due to appear in court before Mr Justice John Saunders. The woman is seeking 55 per cent of her former husband's assets to support her current lifestyle, which includes annual spending of HK$32 million for her and their daughter, aged three, the Court of First Instance heard.

Jockey Club figure gives prison reminiscences

Under the title 'Reflections of a high flyer from Stanley Prison', John Terence Hung will talk at the Foreign Correspondents' Club about his experiences after being sentenced to prison in July 2009 for accepting an advantage to support a Hong Kong Jockey Club membership application. Hung wrote a book, Master of None, while serving his time in prison. Apart from the experience of his imprisonment, the book also covers the many events and people that have affected his life. A fourth-generation Hong Kong resident of Scottish and Chinese ancestry, Hung is well known in the city's corporate and sporting worlds.

Tianjin signing of cross-strait deal on nuclear safety

In another sign of warming relations, a delegation headed by the chairman of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation, Chiang Pin-kung, will hold talks in Tianjin with the president of the mainland-based Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait, Chen Yunlin. The delegation, which arrived yesterday, is expected to sign an agreement to work more closely on nuclear safety today.

Greek parliament votes on strict austerity diet

The Greek parliament votes in Athens on a sweeping package of austerity measures demanded by international lenders in an effort to staunch the euro zone debt crisis. Yesterday, Greek unions began a 48-hour strike, the biggest protest in years, to oppose the measures, which mix deep cuts to public sector pay and pensions, tax rises, a suspension of sectoral pay accords and an end to the constitutional taboo against laying off civil servants. Prime Minister George Papandreou likened the situation to war as he pushed for adoption of the stiff medicine. 'We will win for the country, we will persevere,' he said.

Security ministry touts bolstering of special police

The Ministry of Public Security will announce the 'achievements' of a campaign to improve the capability of special police, in a ceremony in Wuhan, Hubei. The campaign was a response to President Hu Jintao's call to build a 'highly combative special police team'.

South Australia to finalise Olympic Dam expansion

The South Australian government is due to give final approval for the expansion of BHP Billiton's huge Olympic Dam mining project. Olympic Dam is the world's largest uranium deposit and a leading copper and gold resource. The government says the project will inject up to A$8.6 billion (HK$68.2 billion) a year into South Australia's economy for decades to come.