Ex-husband to testify in HK$5.5b lawsuit

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 October, 2011, 12:00am


A 'boastful and ambitious' businessman at the centre of a HK$5.5 billion maintenance lawsuit launched by his ex-wife will testify for the first time in court today.

The man, identified only as LKKS, led such an extravagant lifestyle that the woman, a solicitor, said she needed HK$32 million a year to maintain the standard of living enjoyed by her and her daughter, aged three.

'He would be boastful to other people but not so much to me,' the former wife, identified by the initials TCWF, testified at the Court of First Instance yesterday.

It was the seventh day of a lawsuit she launched in her fight for 55 per cent of the assets of her ex-husband, whom she divorced after eight years of marriage because of disputes over her pregnancy - which he wanted her to terminate - and the man's affairs.

She also described him as ambitious. 'He was ambitious for success. He wants to be a very successful real estate entrepreneur,' she said.

When asked whether his father, a billionaire known as STL, knew of their lifestyle, the woman said the father was aware of his son's luxury cars, their homes, their domestic staff, dog carers, the son's love of wine and watches and their travels.

The ex-husband will testify today before Mr Justice John Saunders.

The court heard that the two had booked an entire island where they spent time with friends diving.

The court also heard that the woman wrote an e-mail to the man to express her unhappiness about their sour relationship and that she still had to work late nights even she was pregnant. In reply, the man agreed to stop dating another woman until she gave birth so as to give their marriage a chance.

Yesterday's hearing was adjourned after lunch because lawyers for the woman, the man and the father needed more time.

The father will give evidence in person, after his application to testify via video link was earlier rejected by the court.

He attended the hearing yesterday, having flown back to Hong Kong overnight.

The court heard that the couple married in 2000 but divorced in 2008 because she found out he had been cheating behind her back.

In earlier testimony, she said she needed HK$5 million a year for clothes, HK$691,000 for a nanny in Britain and HK$2.4 million a year in 'recreation expenditure'.