Pako Chau and Kary Ng put their best (but contrasting) feet forward for Dr Martens

PUBLISHED : Monday, 24 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 24 October, 2011, 12:00am


At the launch of First and Forever, Dr Martens men and women's collection, singers Pakho Chau and Kary Ng led a small coterie of models on a catwalk that overwhelmed The Pawn in Wan Chai.

Chau chose to pose in a rather conservative Dr Martens black leather shoe from the F/W 2011 line, while Ng rocked in a crystal-studded number.

After striking all the right poses, Ng said, if given the choice between comfort and fashion, she would pick the latter, no matter how painful. 'Sadly, I am one of those girls! Even if the shoes hurt but were gorgeous, I'd wear them,' she said.

'But I have to say, these shoes [a Swarovski-studded black leather boot/high-heel hybrid] are really, really comfortable. That's what the brand is most famous for - the chunky boot, but more than that, they are so comfy.'

As a rock chick in a band, Ng said she had always had a pair of Dr Martens in her shoe collection over the years.

'They just go with the rocker look all the time and you can pair it with any style. I'm emotionally bonded to some of my favourite pairs of shoes.

'Even before the brand asked me to work with them, I've had a collection. I even have a favourite pair, a classic, chunky boot, that I bought back in 2005.'

In an ultimate vote of confidence, Ng confessed that if there was a bridal boot (there isn't!), she would slip into them. 'On a wedding day, the bride has to walk a lot and stand around so you might as well be comfortable in a Dr Marten shoe!'