Callous drivers drove past rape victim lying in middle of road

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 October, 2011, 12:00am


A second case of public indifference to a trauma victim has come to light with revelations that a woman was raped and left lying in the road while motorists drove past her.

The migrant woman was left in the road after she was subjected to her ordeal on a street corner in Dongguan, Guangdong. Dozens of motorists drove past her prone figure.

Her story came to light after the man who finally helped her went to the press. The incident reveals another instance of public callousness after a two-year-old Foshan girl died on Friday when she was hit by two vehicles in the road in view of at least 18 passers-by who ignored her.

The girl's death has caused a massive outpouring of calls for moral reflection in China.

Yesterday, the Houjie township branch of the Dongguan Public Security Bureau confirmed the rape case but refused to comment further about the woman.

According to a report by the Southern Metropolis News on Friday, a Chongqing woman was attacked while on her way to pick up her five-year-old son after school in Houjie at around 4pm on October 8.

According to the paper the woman said she felt a knife pushed against her neck from behind and a man in his mid-20s dragged her from the road and pushed her to the ground. He took her rings, mobile phone, purse and earrings and then raped her.

The report said her assailant smashed her head against the ground and hit her with a brick.

She was screaming and crying for help but no one came to her aid as the man pulled her top over her head, gagged her with her underwear and bound her.

The attack went on for 30 minutes and the man continued to hit her with the brick until she fell silent.

The woman, in shock from the extreme trauma, reportedly remained lying at the scene for another half an hour.

Eventually, she tried to roll herself to the side of the road. Though her eyes were still covered by her shirt, she said she could hear cars driving past but none of them stopped.

Desperate for help, she rolled into the centre of the road.

'I didn't know what I was doing - probably hoping for a car to crush me dead,' she said.

Two hours after the attack, an Anhui man named Wang Lizhen drove past and saw the woman.

When he realised that she was almost naked he took her to the hospital and helped find her husband.

Dongguan police said they were investigating.