Joyce opening party the ideal habitat for the bold and the beautiful

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 25 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 25 October, 2011, 12:00am


Joyce's boutique opening cocktail party in Lee Gardens last week was a street photographer's heaven. The party crowd included some of the city's top fashionistas - and they are never shy. 'Dressy' was an understatement for many of the guests.

Apart from the party regulars, there were also plenty of non-celebrity guests, who have been voted into a top 30 of fashion clothes horses in Joyce's recent Cast Your Vote snapshot campaign.

The winners got a chance to be photographed by an up-and-coming New York lensman, Erik Madigan Heck, and the photos were showcased in the Joyce store on the opening night.

The party attracted a scrum of photographers who mingled with the bold and the beautiful. Many posed using the store's edgy, contemporary in-house decorations as backdrops.

Unlike his subjects, Heck adopted a more laidback style, showing up in an ensemble of T-shirt and chinos at the event.

'I'm impressed by people's fashion energy here,' said Heck, who was is in Hong Kong for the first time.

'I think it's even stronger than what is in New York.'

Heck only had two days to finish photographing the 30 fashionistas and said it was different from any previous project he had been involved in.

'Some of the images I do take me months, but this one was quick,' he said.

'My subjects are very interesting and each of them is expressive in their own way.'