On style, she rules

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 30 October, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 30 October, 2011, 12:00am


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I'm so excited to hear Farmacia Santa Maria Novella has landed in Hong Kong, but where is it hiding? I've loved its Melograno products forever and it would be such a relief not to have to deal with carrying from Rome or getting the liquid stuff delivered to Hong Kong.

Hail Mary, Stanley

The Dictator rules: For such an enthusiastic fan, you really do have a lot wrong. Sure, Officina Profumo - Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella does have boutiques in Rome and many other locations, but it was founded in Florence in 1612. On the scale of your insignificant existence, your years of dedication to its products may seem like 'forever' but it's barely a blip in the brand's almost 400-year history. I cannot fault you, however, on your love of its sophisticated Melograno scent. Although it means 'pomegranate', the aroma is far from fruity, cloying and sweet; it's aldehydic (that's powdery to perfume plebs) in a classic, old fashioned, clean sort of way. You can now stock up on your favourites at its new, one and only Hong Kong store (IFC Mall, Central, tel: 2295 0326). It has a surprisingly comprehensive range of its classic products (about HK$100 and up) neatly arranged within the rather tight space. The selection includes: Melograno soap for delicate skin (HK$180 and up); the Melograno scented candle (HK$350 and up); Melograno shampoo for dry hair (HK$500); and Melograno eau de cologne (HK$1,080). Within weeks of opening, the shop sold out of the gorgeous Scented Terracotta Pomegranate (HK$600) but you can expect a new delivery around, oh, Christmas. Speaking of which, the prettily packaged Talborina talcum powder would make a lovely pressie and, yes, it's available in Melograno, as well as Gardenia, Iris, Rosa or Vetiver (HK$400).

This doesn't even make sense to me, so I'm ready for some abuse, but I'm certain I saw a girl in London wearing false eyelashes in shapes I've never seen before. I could have sworn they were zebras. And, no I was not on anything at the time.

Seeing Things, Kennedy Town

The Dictator: Which begs the question, are you on something now? Just say no, dear reader. Just say no. A word to the wise: the only thing worse than shopping under the influence is dressing while drunk. Similarly, few women, sober or not, can pull off outlandish make-up. If you do decide to make a strong statement with your cosmetics, choose just one thing - lips or eyes - and keep everything else low-key. Admittedly, we, too, thought we might have finally understood what hallucinating feels like when we first saw Paperself's Fashion Eyelashes (www.paperself.com). The London-based creative collective makes false eyelashes inspired by Chinese paper cutting. A few Paperself motifs are sold at Joyce Beauty (16 Queen's Road Central, tel: 2869 5816), including horses (distinctly zebra-like), peonies and peach blossoms (about HK$150 each). The brand has assigned traditional symbolism to each pattern - the horses are symbolic of success, the peach blossoms stand for love and romance and the peonies represent happiness and good fortune. Interesting variations on this theme do exist in places such as Shu Uemura's Tokyo Lash Bar (HK$95 to HK$430; 38 Russell Street, Causeway Bay, tel: 2506 4283), and at costume shops, including Partyland (HK$68 to HK$78; Basement, 51 Wellington Street, Central, tel: 2147 9283).