PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 November, 2011, 12:00am


Nixon - The Socket (HK$290)

Secure these earphones to your ear like a hook by bending their mouldable memory wire to adapt to your ears' size and shape. Its rubber ear buds are sweat-resistant and are a perfect companion for sporty users. Those who prefer to show off its contrasting colours can wear them with the wires straight. In four styles - all black, all white, gunship (black, blue and red) and rhodo (purple and grey) - the headphones also come with a round moulded case for easy storage. Inquiries: 31105898

AIAIAI - Swirl Earphone (HK$499)

These earphones paired with microphones - created by the Danish brand with sound engineers and musicians such as C4 Studio, Tartelet Records and Jon Schumann - aim to deliver both sound quality and style. The Y-shaped cable divider, extra-thick 3mm cord and partial coiled cord near the jack are designed for sturdiness and durability, and a tangle-free experience with length-flexibility. Silicone ear buds in five sizes are available for a more individual fit and better external noise reduction. Inquiries: 3110 5898

Sony - XBA-S65

The last thing you want when you are working out with music playing on your portable devices is for the earphone to come loose and fall off. These earphones feature an adjustable mechanism to fit the contours of each user's ears for extra comfort. A high sound transmission film coating makes it washable and waterproof. Inquiries: 2345 2966


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