Paws for thought

PUBLISHED : Friday, 04 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 04 November, 2011, 12:00am


Hello friends! I'm in Africa this week, playing in the long grass and hunting down some lions.

Before I left Hong Kong, though, I heard some awfully bad news about the floods in Thailand. YP teamster Tibor Krausz lives in Bangkok, so being the good reporter pup that I am, I interviewed him about what's going on there.

Dennis: Hi Tibor, hello, hello ... is this thing on? [tap tap tap]

Tibor: Hi Dennis, yes, I can hear you perfectly well.

Dennis: Oh good, I thought you might be underwater hiding in a waterproof shelter.

Tibor: Luckily, it's not as bad as that yet, but the northern part is covered in deep water and many people have had to evacuate to shelters.

Dennis: Uh oh. That sounds terrible. How about my friends, Bangkok's lovely dogs?

Tibor: Many of them that live on the streets are having problems, but dogs swim well and are good at finding higher ground.

Dennis: Do they have food to eat? I guess finding water to drink is not a problem for them right now.

Tibor: Yes, they can always count on local people to give them leftovers and even some tasty dog food.

Dennis: And how are local people coping with the disaster?

Tibor: Most people are taking things in their stride. Where the water is not that deep, life goes on. Instead of cars, though, many people get around by boat.

Dennis: How about schools? Are they open?

Tibor: Many schools and universities are closed. They are scheduled to re-open later this month.

Dennis: So how do children spend their time?

Tibor: You know how children are, Dennis. I'm sure many are happy they don't have to go to school. Some also enjoy playing around in the flood water.

Dennis: Ah, that must be so cool! I saw on the news, though, that some crocodiles have escaped into rivers from flooded crocodile farms. That can be very dangerous.

Tibor: Yes, that's true, but people are keeping an eye out for them. Many have been recaptured, I think.

Dennis: If all else fails, we should call in Crocodile Dundee - you know, that chap in Australia who is famous for getting the better of reptiles.

Tibor: Yeah, I guess he should be up to the task.

Dennis: Seriously now. I do hope the floods will pass soon and life will return to normal. Please give my warmest regards to children and doggies in Bangkok. Tell them to hang in there!

Tibor: Thanks, Dennis, I will. Have fun in Africa!