Please please me by becoming my bride

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 05 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 05 November, 2011, 12:00am


Beatlemania brought Paul Lam and Janice Yip together, and also played a role in Paul's proposal a decade after they first met. Paul, an accountant, and Janice, a lawyer, wed today at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Pok Fu Lam. They will hold a banquet in the Conrad hotel's ballroom to celebrate with more than 400 friends and relatives.

The pair first met in the summer of 2000 while taking part in a musical at their church. Janice was the lead actress, while Paul played a guitar in the band.

'I remember he was a mega Beatles fan. He loves Paul McCartney so much that he plays the guitar left-handed, despite not being a lefty like McCartney,' Janice, 27, said.

Paul, 28, was impressed by Janice's interest in the Beatles. 'She understands and appreciates what I play, songs that are not necessarily the top hits but only the real fans truly love,' he said.

Nevertheless, they remained just friends, and when Paul graduated from high school he moved to Britain to study. They started writing letters to each other because there was no internet access in Paul's dormitory.

'I always looked forward to his letters, and as soon as I got one I wrote back immediately,' Janice said.

Through those letters, the pair got to know each other better.

'I think it was a good thing that communication wasn't as easy as it is today. You put more effort into delivering your message and it meant even more,' Paul said.

When Paul returned to Hong Kong for the summer holidays in 2002, he realised that he had feelings for Janice that went beyond mere friendship.

One night, after another performance at their church, Paul walked Janice home. They ended up chatting in a park en route, and that is where Paul kissed Janice for the first time.

The couple started a long-distance relationship, and two years later Janice also went to Britain to study. Since they lived two hours apart, they saw each other only once a month. But the distance helped their relationship, Janice said. 'I think the harder it was to get hold of him, the more I missed him.'

After graduation, they both moved back to Hong Kong.

Last October, Paul planned a surprise proposal for Janice. He recorded a cover of the John Lennon song Woman, featuring himself on vocals, guitar, drums and keyboard. He also made a video to go with the song, using photos taken over the 10 years they had been dating.

Paul showed her the video over a romantic dinner. When it finished, he took out a ring and asked Janice to marry him.

The video took Janice by surprise. 'I knew he played the guitar, but not all the other instruments. I was really moved by the effort he put into it,' she said. 'I thought it was John Lennon singing when I first listened to it.'

Like Lennon sings in the song, Paul reckoned Janice had made him a better man.

'She's always been there for me. Even in the darkest times of my life, she's kept on encouraging me. We are completely honest with each other. She loves me for who I am - the good and the bad.'