PUBLISHED : Sunday, 06 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 06 November, 2011, 12:00am


by Jeff Abbott
Little, Brown (enhanced e-book)

The enhanced e-book is in its infancy, but if things continue along Jeff Abbott's lines, we should be OK. Not only do we get Abbott's research photographs of locations but also a video recipe of the Adrenaline cocktail. It looks and sounds lethal. Adrenaline itself is absolutely fine, a thriller written with plenty of punch. Our protagonist Sam Capra gets quickly down to business: 'Once my wife asked me: if you knew this was our final day together, what would you say to me?' Two years later the thought bears fruit. Capra, a CIA agent in London, receives a phone call at work from self-same wife, seven-month pregnant Lucy. 'Monkey,' she says. 'I need you to meet me outside.' In novels such as Adrenaline, such tenderness should always be read as ominous. So it proves. First the CIA HQ blows up. Then Lucy vanishes. Finally, Capra becomes the prime suspect and is thrown in prison. Could the explosion be linked to Capra's investigation of crime syndicate Novem Soles? Download Adrenaline. Shake and stir the cocktail. Have a blast. Extras: author photographs, video recipe of Adrenaline cocktail.