Magazine's big party night out was one for the cover boys

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 14 November, 2011, 12:00am


Paparazzi hunting for snaps of the latest starlet were out of luck at the decidedly male-skewed cocktail party thrown by Esquire magazine in celebration of its 23rd year of publication at The Repulse Bay hotel on Thursday evening.

The magazine took the opportunity to thank some of the local movers and shakers who have graced its cover and bestow a series of Man At His Best awards to eight honorees - pianist Li Yundi, director Tsui Hark, multi-platinum recording artist Hakkan Lee, talent manager Willie Chan Chi-keung, Kot Chong Key representing Audi, designer Paul Smith (who was absent, and not very local at that), mainland artist Zeng Fanzhi (also absent) and heart-throb and actor Louis Koo Tin-lok - for being game-changers in their industries.

Despite being lavished with praise, most honorees stayed level-headed. By video, Smith said of the importance of fashion: 'Well, it's not like saving lives, but the fashion industry is important in that we employ a lot of people.'

When asked what he considers revolutionary, Koo said: 'The most revolutionary thing that has happened to me this year was injuring my leg during filming. Dealing with that made me realise how important personal health and happiness really is.'

Perhaps the most whimsical thought came from Tsui Hark, when asked his thoughts on having an asteroid named after him.

'If I ever figured out a way to travel the distance [the asteroid is reportedly about 3.5 billion kilometres from earth], I wouldn't mind going and checking it out.'