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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 November, 2011, 12:00am


Development secretary Carrie Lam says reclamation outside Victoria Harbour is an eco-friendly way to dispose of construction fill:

Cindy Cheung - She should find ways to reduce construction waste in the first place! How many buildings are torn down in Hong Kong by greedy developers trying to earn more $$ from selling square footage? How many times are roads dug up by various government departments without any co-ordination between them? I often see roads being dug up by drainage, repaved, only to be dug up again by highways department. What she is proposing is your typical HK government band-aid mindset.

Jamil Shah - I might sound stupid but isn't there any way to recycle such waste?

Joey Chow - Sea life will be threatened and destroyed; you can't get back the beautiful sea after reclamation.

Wendy Yap - I agree with Carrie, she should know what she is doing.

The mainland may face a crippling water shortage by 2030 unless more is done to raise storage capacity:

Bjorn Berg - So far Beijing's solution is simply to get water from other places, such as neighbouring provinces and the Yangtze River. These measures address the symptoms rather than the causes and have the added effect of causing new problems at the places where the water is being diverted.

Tempers flared at Apple's IFC mall store as thousands waited to buy the new iPhone 4S:

Byt Chung - Another example of human stupidity.

Patrick Elliott - I saw the line forming the previous evening and could only just shake my head. But who am I to judge others? I hope they picked up the mess of drink and food wrappers I saw accumulating outside though.




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