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PUBLISHED : Friday, 18 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 18 November, 2011, 12:00am


Top videos

Listen up, Lady

As if Lady Gaga wasn't weird enough, a group of middle-aged and elderly people sang a version of her hit single, Bad Romance, on Hunan television in their native dialect.

Twists and turns

Now that it's officially cool, learn 25 ways of wearing a scarf in under five minutes.

A 'soundtrack' you can't miss

Don't you hate it when you're taking the MTR home after a long day, and then the whole train breaks into song?

The week's top iTunes album downloads

1 Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2, Glee cast

2 Camp, Childish Gambino

3 Mylo Xyloto, Coldplay

4 21, Adele

5 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 (original motion picture soundtrack), various artists

6 Christmas, Michael Buble

7 Ceremonials (deluxe version), Florence + The Machine

8 Now That's What I Call Music! 40, various artists

9 Take Care (deluxe version), Drake

10 Under the Mistletoe (deluxe version), Justin Bieber

Top photo

This mysterious pattern, big enough to be seen from outer space, was found lying in a desert on the mainland. There are rumours that it serves as target practice from space, or is a Chinese version of crop circles - a pattern of suddenly flattened crops. What's more mystifying is that there are several more in the area.

Hot trend

Not just blue - my blue

In a clever way of promoting charitable donations, the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) and paint company Dulux have teamed up to sell 16.7 million colours on the web.

For a donation of at least GBP1 (HK$12), you can buy any colour on the website, name it and include a little message saying why the colour is special to you. The donations will go to Unicef's programme to save and improve the lives of needy children.

In other news ...

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter allow us to go where our friends go and to see what they see. Now we can smell what they smell, too. Mint Foundry has invented a small portable device called Olly, which turns internet notifications such as tweets into smells. Just assign Olly to a computer, which will in turn send a signal to release certain odours, depending on the message.

In the small Canadian town of Spruce Grove, no one blinks an eye when they see Jim Sautner walking with his three-year-old pet buffalo, Bailey Jnr. The two go everywhere together, including the bar where they kick back with a couple of drinks. Weighing more than 800kg, Bailey Jnr travels with his owner in a specially modified car. As indicated by his name, he is not Sautner's first pet buffalo. Bailey Snr passed away three years ago.