Dessert sets Moss on road to fuller figure

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 December, 1994, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 December, 1994, 12:00am

THIS, we promise, is positively the last word on the visit of British catwalk queen Kate Moss.

British tabloids always claim that lank Moss exists on a diet of black coffee and cigarettes, but Hong Kong - with its great culinary tradition - may have set her on the road to a fuller figure.

The person who must take part of the responsibility for the change in the masticatory habits of the anorexics' pin-up Moss is society hairdresser Kim Robinson who - judging by his waistline - enjoys a good nibble.

Moss, who was on an agent-imposed vow of silence when she first arrived here, quickly warmed to the place and was getting quite talkative towards the end of her visit.

Why, Keeping Posted was even invited to join her for supper at Michelle's in the company of her local social minder Robinson to discuss the affairs of the world.

But owing to a previous engagement, we had to beg off.

That didn't, however, prevent us from discovering how, during the meal, Moss and Robinson shared that ultimate anorexic nightmare, a Pavlova dessert (50,000 calories and counting).

As they matched each other spoon for spoon with much gusto, they were finally left with two portions on the plate and Moss gave Robinson the honour of first go.

Being a courteous sort of guy he gulped down the bigger of the two pieces on the plate at which point Moss admonished him: 'You greedy thing, if I was you I would have taken the smaller portion.' We can't understand what she was complaining about - after all, she did end up with what she wanted! Now for the visit of Linda, Naomi, Claudia and the rest of the beauteous pack next April.