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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 November, 2011, 12:00am


Labour unions have called for the statutory minimum wage to be raised next year to HK$33 an hour:

Carmen Zech - I think it should definitely be raised! You can't have economic growth and growth in human capital if you can hardly sustain yourself with jobs that should also be respected and compensated. HK$28 is nothing but a disgrace!

Marcus H. Langston - Of course it should be raised and for domestic helpers. Where were all the business closures that were threatened after its introduction?

Brandon Wong - Employers will absolutely lose the PR battle for hearts and minds if they insist on any pay rise less than the rate of inflation.

Joey Chow - Back to square one, when wages increase, you can expect prices of goods to go up in the future too.

On Vladimir Putin being named winner of the Confucius Peace Prize:

Sam Ho - This is as ridiculous as Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. These so-called prizes are always reserved for the rich and powerful even though they have actually done nothing worthy of the prize, while the less well-off or even destitute people who are truly good are never given attention.

Cecile Gamst Berg - Nice! Well, Obama and Yasser Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize so why not? The world is upside down.

Charles Henning - Mugabe next!

On opposition to a proposed residential development and marina on Lamma:

Michael Anthony Phillips - More luxury pads for mainland Chinese, I guess! Ecology of the coastal area is hardly likely to be their concern ... I side with the marine life!

Bjorn Berg - Super yachts are hardly a justifiable human need when juxtaposed against the value of this natural area.