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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 23 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 23 November, 2011, 12:00am


Our editors will be looking ahead today to these developing stories ...

Taiwanese opposition leaders file election bid

Taiwan's main opposition presidential candidate, Dr Tsai Ing-wen (left) and her running mate, Su Jia-chyuan, are expected to register for January's presidential election. Tsai yesterday promised peaceful and stable relations with the mainland if she won the election, and said both the United States and Taiwan were responsible for security in the region.

Antiquities advisers to rate west wing

Members of the Antiquities Advisory Board discuss whether to grade as historic the west wing in the old central government headquarters compound. Historians and concern groups say the building, slated by the government for demolition and redevelopment as a commercial block, has historic value and should be preserved as part of Government Hill.

US to report on durable goods sales

Durable goods figures from the US offer a measure of the strength of demand for equipment ranging from jet engines, aircraft, white goods, cars and computers to industrial machinery. However, durable goods are one of the most volatile economic indicators and the figures are often revised.

Seoul marks first anniversary of N Korean attack

South Korea's military stages land, sea and air exercises near the tense sea border with North Korea to mark the first anniversary of a deadly artillery attack by Pyongyang. The shelling of a border island on November 23 last year was the first attack on a civilian area in the South since the 1950-53 war. It triggered outrage in the South and provoked worldwide alarm.

Inquiry into Bahrain protest crackdown reports

Bahrain unveils the results of an investigation into the deadly crackdown on pro-democracy protesters earlier this year. As the Gulf kingdom braces for the findings of the probe, tension has escalated in Shiite areas of the Sunni-ruled nation and the opposition has vowed not to back down from its demands for democratic reform. Authorities say 24 people, including four policemen, were killed in the unrest, while the Shiite-led opposition puts the death toll at 30. Hundreds more were injured. Authorities say they have begun prosecuting 20 officers involved in the crackdown and that more steps will be taken.

Euro zone 1: China focuses on debt crisis, trade pact

China's top think tanks on international relations and the global economy offer their assessments on the euro zone's debt crisis and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact at the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges. The central bank's deputy governor, Hu Xiaolian (left), has said the European debt crisis especially created uncertainty for China's economic growth and its efforts to tame inflation.

Euro zone 2: Plan for tighter economic governance

The European Commission is due to outline proposals for stronger euro-zone economic governance and to publish a consultation paper on the fiercely disputed idea of common euro-zone bonds. The euro zone is struggling to contain fallout from the Greek debt crisis, with banks under pressure to increase capital adequacy to cover their exposure to debt.