Actor Benny Chan in tearful apology

PUBLISHED : Friday, 25 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 25 November, 2011, 12:00am


A tearful Benny Chan Ho-man said yesterday he was remorseful and had no intention of causing Rose Chan Ka-woon any harm, after the rising kung fu starlet accused him of molesting her.

The 42-year-old actor, appearing with his heavily pregnant wife Jiang Lisha at a media conference yesterday, bowed three times during the 10-minute event as he apologised to the 19-year-old for doing 'something rude' to her at a dinner in a mainland restaurant.

'I feel remorseful because I have disappointed those who supported me, especially my wife, who is sitting beside me, and the baby who is coming into the world soon,' he said in a speech at a Kwun Tong restaurant that turned out to have been carefully scripted, including instructing him when to bow.

Jiang, due to give birth to a daughter on Monday by Caesarean section, said she had forgiven her husband and hoped the public would give him a chance. She also hoped 'Rose, the little girl', could forgive him.

Holding his wife's hand, the actor said he had 'too much alcohol and did something rude to Rose'.

'I admit it was really wrong. I had no intention to hurt Rose but I understand it really embarrassed and upset her.'

He apologised to the teenager, her family and friends, saying his 'unintentional mistake' had hurt their feelings.

The couple became tearful when he apologised to Jiang.

Benny Chan, who previously said he was being too hospitable when the incident happened, said he would learn to become a responsible father and husband and would quit drinking. 'I will see a doctor. If he thinks I need therapy, I will accept it because I really want to get rid of alcohol.'

A paper left by the actor showed that his speech was carefully scripted. At three points, there were instructions in brackets saying 'stand up and bow'.

Rose Chan reported to the police and complained to the public on Tuesday, alleging that Benny Chan and actor Joe Ma Tak-chung molested her, after a magazine published photos of the actors touching and kissing the actress in a restaurant in Hengdian , a city in Zhejiang .

Benny Chan, Ma and Rose Chan were making the film Princess and Seven Kung Fu Masters, directed by Wong Jing, in Hengdian when the incident happened. Rose Chan returned to Hengdian on Wednesday to continue work on the film.

Ma in a statement said he had not molested her, and might take legal action against the magazine for its 'untruthful reporting'. But he said he was sorry for 'the unhappy event that happened in Hengdian'.

The police confirmed that they had received a complaint of molestation from a 19-year-old woman, and would list the case as overseas crime.