PUBLISHED : Sunday, 27 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 27 November, 2011, 12:00am


Rose Chan's manager forgives Ma but not Chan

Checkley Sin Kwok-lam, manager of starlet Rose Chan Ka-woon, who had filed a police complaint that she was molested by two married actors, said yesterday that he did not accept Benny Chan Ho-man's tearful apology. Sin said Chan was insincere. But Sin has forgiven Joe Ma Tak-chung, as Ma said he was drunk and did not know what to do when he saw Chan misbehaving.

Reversing car kills one, seriously hurts another

A 45-year-old worker died and his colleague, 24, was seriously injured after being knocked down by another colleague, 61, who was reversing their car in a car park at Pollock Path on The Peak.

Bus driver dies in Tsing Long Highway collision

A 56-year-old Kowloon Motor Bus driver died when his double decker ran into the back of a truck on the Tsing Long Highway.

88-year-old woman down with Legionnaires' disease

An 88-year-old woman was in serious condition last night in Tuen Mun Hospital with Legionnaires' disease. It was the 14th case reported this year.

Officer may be punished for bullets and spray loss

Police chief Andy Tsang Wai-hung said an officer who lost his bullets and pepper spray while on duty last week could face disciplinary action if the loss was due to his negligence.