The art of creating and learning

PUBLISHED : Monday, 28 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 28 November, 2011, 12:00am


Creativity is a way of life, not just a piece of artwork. This is the sentiment that underscores Vivid Vibrations, a company that sets out to provide children and adults with inspiring opportunities to try out new ideas and ways of thinking.

Its founder and creativity director, Tamara Norris, feels it's important for everyone to let loose once in a while. 'Having fun, playing, painting, dancing and singing are all great ways to release the stresses of a daily routine,' she says.

Vivid Vibrations' instructors specialise in creative programming, including elements of music, art and drama, and are trained and experienced teachers of English as a Second Language (ESL).

First and foremost, according to Norris, the aim behind her group's activites is for participants to have fun and to get messy regardless of their age.

Vivid Vibrations offers a wide range of activities to join, such as 'Little Crafters' - weekly arts and crafts groups for pre-schoolers, namely, children aged three- to five-years-old.

'These sessions are designed to enhance social skills, strengthen fine motor skills, promote creative expression, as well as help to prepare young children for a classroom setting,' Norris explains.

The programme has received the thumbs up from parents.

'Max really loves it,' says Jo Walker, whose five-year-old son has been attending Little Crafters for around two years. 'He used to be a little boy who didn't like to get his hands dirty, but now he's changed completely. Our house is full of amazing pieces of art by him. Tamara is great with the kids and comes up with all kinds of different ways for them to create things.'

For older age groups, Vivid Vibrations offers regular arts, drama and musical learning groups for children attending primary and secondary school, as well as team-building activities for corporates.

There is also a range of inspiring party programmes, from 'Art Jams' - where kids can paint their own canvas or create a group mural together - to 'Build A Drum' sessions, with an emphasis on creativity and rhythm, and 'Family Jungle Boogie', which includes cartoon show screenings, informal arts and crafts activities and drumming and dancing - complete with a live DJ.

Vivid Vibrations offers programmes at Open Space - an art studio, events facility and community space - set in a lush garden on Lamma Island that offers great views, and even has a waterfall.

This location not only hosts tailored events for kids of all ages and corporate team-building activities, but also features regular art, movie or music jam nights.

'It's a beautiful outdoor environment that offers so much fun for the kids,' says mother-of-two Walker, who can't wait until her two-year old daughter is old enough to attend.

Vivid Vibrations, in partnership with the Drum Jam company, also has a studio and small space for open and private events, as well as classes such as drumming, painting, arts and crafts.

Vivid Vibrations was established five years ago as an extension of Norris' wholehearted belief in the power of creativity and its ability to heal, motivate and inspire.

She feels that Hong Kong has improved a lot in recent years in the provision of opportunities for kids.

'There are a lot of good quality programmes that are fairly priced - you just have to find them,' she says. 'Vivid Vibrations is a bit different as we tailor each of our programmes to suit the clients' needs, and we are completely mobile and come to you if you wish.'

The Canadian native combines her management skills and background in social and child psychology and F&B corporate training with her passion as an artist, to design and facilitate creative and energising experiences.

'Parents love seeing and displaying the wonderful creations that the kids take home with them,' she adds.