Students benefit from global links

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 29 November, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 29 November, 2011, 12:00am


City University of Hong Kong (CityU) law students will have a fuller experience, thanks to the multidisciplinary education being embraced in its drive to become a world-class professional school.

According to CityU's president, Professor Way Kuo, who spoke at the Award Presentation Ceremony of 2011 LLB Admission Scholarship, cross-disciplinary study has become a major trend in tertiary education, largely because today's society has become more complex.

'As CityU embraces innovation and creativity, law students will have increased opportunities to interact with students from other faculties to accrue knowledge in areas such as information technology, social services, and creative media,' he said.

Professor Arthur Ellis, the CityU provost, told the same audience that the school had also been embracing advanced technology in its pursuit of excellence. 'The staff and students of the law school have been using iPads to further enhance their teaching and learning experiences,' he added.

Also at the event, Professor Wang Guiguo, dean of the School of Law, assured the students' parents that their children were in good hands. 'I know that the students of Yale and Columbia law schools do not have many opportunities to meet their schools' presidents,' said Wang, a Yale and Columbia law alumnus. 'But at CityU, our students are fortunate enough to be able to interact with the president, provost and vice-president. This shows the extent of [our] support for [our] law students.'

To help students to gain international exposure, CityU law school is expected to reach an agreement with the law school of Columbia University in New York. Under this agreement, CityU's law students will study at the New York university for a month, with almost all expenses covered by the Hong Kong counterpart.

There will be a further agreement - signed with the law faculty of Vienna University in Austria - for CityU students to pursue a double master's degree.

'Our students will have more exposure to foreign cultures, laws, teachers, and the students who will be their future counterparts in other jurisdictions,' Wang said. 'This is important [amid] globalisation. It is also the aim of the university to internationalise teaching and learning.'

Currently, CityU does not cap the number of recipients of the LLB Admission Scholarship. 'Resources are not a problem as long as we have quality students,' Wang said.