Potato Crisps

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 December, 2011, 12:00am


Convivial Yorkshire Crisps

These are probably as close as a potato can be to a sable biscuit. They are medium to thickly cut, but feel light and, when bitten into, seem to have microscopic layers, producing a delicate, satisfying, pastry-like crunch. Given their fragility, it makes sense to package them in sturdy cardboard tubes rather than the usual foil bags. It also makes stacking them in the pantry easier - and you will indeed want a stack.

HK$34.90, Great, Basement, Two Pacific Place, Queensway, Admiralty

Kettle Brand Sea Salt Potato Chips

Almost an icon in the 'gourmet' crisps category, these matte-laminated packets contain relatively large, thick slices. They're hard and firm to the bite and are seasoned with a nice big pinch of sea salt. Sadly, they taste and feel as though a big glug of oil has been poured over them, leaving a staleness on the palate and fingers a little too well-lubricated. The all-natural promise might, however, at least put health-conscious minds to rest.

HK$23.90, ParknShop, citywide

Gilper Patatas Fritas

This tall brown paper bag's design, with a smiling man and the brand's name in bold, red letters, stands out from the rest of the snazzy, colourful crisp packets on the shelves. It would probably be a food stylist's dream for a retro-themed party. The crisps, in two bags inside the brown paper one, were also a photogenic golden. But there is more than meets the eye - more stale oil and more sogginess, unfortunately.

HK$38.90, Great, Basement, Two Pacific Place, Queensway, Admiralty

Lay's Classic

These chips are feather-light and have a pleasing, creamy, pale golden hue. Lightly salted, they also taste like potatoes, with a starchiness that is almost sweet. Those who love crisps for the crunch will love popping these in their mouths by the handful, chomping through the layers and getting a mini skull vibration in the process. Lay's also claims that these are free of gluten, pork and trans fat, and are kosher, so everyone can get munching.

HK$18.90, Wellcome, citywide

Good Health Natural Foods Kettle Style Avocado Oil Potato Chips

The packaging says health food and elderly rather than a champagne-filled night out, but those brave enough to dip into this less-than-chic bag will be rewarded. These are a beautiful deep gold, and the oils taste bright and fresh. The slices are of medium thickness and were often folded up in the frying process, resulting in clusters rather than flat chips, making them extremely crunchy. Pop the Prosecco!

HK$25, City'super, citywide