PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 05 December, 2011, 12:00am


Ways to boost worker morale

Many Hong Kong workers are concerned about their salaries. In a recent poll, 40 per cent of workers said they are seriously considering leaving their present jobs if they can find another job with slightly better conditions.

I think both employers and employees should do something to improve the situation.

Many workers are unhappy because they have to do long hours for no extra pay. Employers should compensate their workers for overtime work.

That would encourage employees to work longer hours without complaint.

But employees, too, should keep their side of the bargain. They should obey orders from their bosses and do their best at work.

In addition, we should enhance loyalty among the work force at companies. That can be achieved by developing a good relationship between bosses and workers.

Good communication is vital for that. Bosses should listen to their workers' grievances and suggestions. They should work together to find a solution.

That can enhance morale and job satisfaction at a workplace. Both workers and employers will benefit.

Heidi Lam Ying-hei, Our Lady of the Rosary College

We need more social responsibility

The terms 'social enterprise' and 'social responsibility' seem to be on everyone's mind these days.

More and more companies are trying to act in a more socially responsible manner by raising funds for charities through events or providing social services for the needy.

Sadly, however, many seem to be engaged in public relations stunts without a long-term commitment to the cause.

Take McDonald's for example. The company has set up a charity for children. That is commendable.

Yet the global restaurant chain has also been criticised for endangering the health of children with its unhealthy foods targeted at them.

So is McDonald's truly socially responsible? I don't think so.

A truly socially responsible company should work to create real social change. It should also care about its employees.

Inevitably, businesses would have to sacrifice some profit in the process. Yet a good reputation can be very beneficial to a business in the long run.

Kan Man-ki

Let's learn to forgive ourselves

We all make mistakes. This is the way we learn and grow.

Yet we can find it extremely difficult to forgive ourselves. Forgiving others seems easier.

Some people will find it hard to put the past behind them because they cannot forgive themselves for what they have done. We may not even be aware that forgiving ourselves is the most challenging task of all.

Sometimes you may feel bad about yourself. What you need to do is learn to forgive yourself.

First, try to make amends to those you have wronged and learn to accept your mistakes. Ask yourself what occurred and why. You should also try to take responsibility for your actions.

Second, learn from your mistakes. With each mistake, we can learn valuable lessons which we can benefit from in future.

Finally, we can look at the experience as a chance to build something new and great.

Stop thinking negatively and find something encouraging from the experience to create growth and positive change.

Angela Lam Man-sze, Pooi To Middle School

Individuality seems to be disappearing

These days, we all seem to look and behave alike. We imitate Korean and Japanese pop stars in the way we dress. And we love to have the same gadgets like flashy smartphones.

Following trends is part of our nature, even at the expense of common sense.

Some Hong Kong students' families are poor, but the children still waste their parents' money on expensive clothes and phones.

What we end up with is young people who all look similar and act similar. We go to the same places and do the same things.

We do not need to imitate and join the crowd. Different people like different things. Those differences should be celebrated.

Howard Wong, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial School