Police mediators want to meet triads after murder

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 December, 2011, 12:00am


Police will seek to mediate between two rival factions of the Sun Yee On triad to pre-empt any retaliatory attack after a suspected gang member died in Tuen Mun on Monday.

The move came as scores of officers carried out a second day of raids on triad-controlled entertainment venues in the district last night and continued their search for four or five attackers in connection with the murder.

'We are trying to meet the leaders of the two triad factions one by one and issue a warning to them,' a police officer said.

'The police are closely monitoring their activities. We will not tolerate any violence and must take action.'

The two faction leaders whom the police want to meet are known as 'Fat Kit' and 'Golden Hair Cheong'. Both are Sun Yee On office-bearers and are active in Tuen Mun.

They are ranked '426 red-pole fighters', meaning senior members who act as enforcers in the society.

The stronghold of the Fat Kit faction is in Tseng Tau Tsuen and Nai Wai, while his rival group, headed by Golden Hair Cheong, operates around Tuen Mun town centre.

Police said the factions had been involved in a long-running dispute for a long time.

Kwok Hin-ching, 18, died after being chopped and rammed by a car at the village entrance of Tseng Tau Tsuen. Kwok, a suspected henchman of Fat Kit, was chatting with four friends, also suspected triad members, when three men wearing balaclavas and wielding meat cleavers arrived in a car at about 1.15am.

It is understood that investigators have identified some of the attackers. A suspected triad member, 23, was arrested in connection with the murder after officers raided his flat in Tuen Mun.

He was held for questioning and no charge had been laid.

The killing was apparently the result of violence between the two factions after they had a heated argument in a Tuen Mun pub on Friday night, police said yesterday.

'Investigation indicated the two gangs attacked each other in four separate wounding and assault cases over the weekend,' another police officer said.

Just an hour before the killing of Kwok, another man, 19, was assaulted by eight masked men carrying wooden batons on Tai Hing Estate.

On Monday night after the murder, more than 100 officers raided entertainment venues and about 20 flats. They arrested 16 suspected triad members, all men, aged between 17 and 26 in connection with the weekend assaults.

Last night police continued their licence checks on more entertainment venues in Tuen Mun allegedly controlled by the gangs.

They said their raids would continue until the triad violence subsided.