PUBLISHED : Thursday, 15 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 15 December, 2011, 12:00am


New Year 's Eve


Four Seasons Hotel
Tel: 3196 8888

Caprice: two-course lunch HK$460; three-course lunch HK$520; eight-course dinner HK$3,888

Lung King Heen: eight-course lunch HK$460; eight-course dinner HK$2,188

The Lounge: three-course lunch HK$370; six-course dinner HK$1,598, includes a glass of bubbly

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
Tel: 2132 0188

Amber: six-course dinner HK$3,888 (HK$5,900 with premium wine)

Hotel LKF by Rhombus
Tel: 3518 9688

Azure Restaurant Slash Bar: semi-buffet lunch HK$298; six-course dinner HK$1,388

Mandarin Oriental
Tel: 2522 0111

Pierre: nine-course dinner HK$4,388

M bar: HK$418 minimum charge

Man Wah: a la carte dinner HK$2,688 minimum charge

The Mandarin Grill & Bar: six-course dinner HK$3,488

The Clipper Lounge: early dinner buffet HK$788 (HK$398 child); late dinner buffet HK$1,488 (HK$748 child)

Cafe Causette: dinner table buffet HK$638 (HK$328 child)


Conrad Hong Kong
Tel: 2521 3838

Nicholini's: eight-course dinner HK$3,288

Brasserie: seven-course dinner HK$1,988

Garden Caf? lunch buffet HK$478 (HK$348 child); early dinner buffet HK$928 (HK$568 child); late dinner buffet HK$998 (HK$588 child)

Lobby Lounge: dinner buffet HK$1,288 (HK$988 child)

Golden Leaf: seven-course set dinner HK$1,268 or HK$1,628; three-course set dinner HK$2,838

Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
Tel: 2877 3838

Restaurant Petrus: nine-course dinner HK$3,988

Cafe TOO: lunch buffet HK$478 (HK$348 child); early dinner buffet HK$988 (HK$568 child), includes a welcome drink; late dinner buffet HK$1,088 (HK$588 child)

Lobster Bar and Grill: seven-course dinner HK$2,688, includes a glass of sparkling wine and countdown party

Summer Palace: a la carte dinner HK$1,180 minimum charge

JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong
Tel: 2810 8366

Marriott Cafe: early dinner buffet HK$830 (HK$530 child), second seating HK$920 (HK$590 child)

The Lounge: countdown dinner buffet HK$2,080 (HK$1,050 child)

JW's California: six-course countdown dinner HK$1,480

Fish Bar and Grill: six-course set dinner HK$980

Man Ho Chinese Restaurant: set dinner HK$2,380

The Upper House
Tel: 2918 1838

Caf?Gray Deluxe: four-course early dinner HK$950; six-course late dinner HK$1,950

Sky Lounge: countdown party HK$600 with free-flow champagne


Empire Hotel Wan Chai
Tel: 3692 2111

Caf?33 on Hennessy: dinner buffet HK$468 (HK$148 children aged three to 11 or senior aged 60 or above when accompanied by at least one adult paying the full price)

Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
Tel: 2588 1234

Grand Caf? dinner buffet HK$1,200

Grissini: set dinner HK$2,860

Tiffin: dinner buffet HK$2,050

One Harbour Road: set dinner HK$1,740

Kaetsu: dinner buffet HK$1,080

Grand Hyatt Steakhouse: set dinner HK$1,580

Novotel Century Hong Kong
Tel: 2598 9869

Le Cafe: dinner buffet HK$320 (HK$160 child)

Pepino Cucina Italiana: five-course set dinner and countdown party HK$570, includes a glass of sparkling wine

Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel
Tel: 2802 8888

Cafe Renaissance: dinner buffet HK$528 (HK$258 child)

Lobby Lounge: three-course dinner with dessert buffet HK$888, includes two glasses of champagne; countdown party HK$380, includes two glasses of champagne

The Fleming Hotel
Tel: 3607 2288

Cubix: seven-course dinner HK$838

South Pacific Hotel
Tel: 2572 3838

Grill Cafe: two-course set lunch HK$68, add HK$34 for salad bar and dessert buffet; semi-buffet dinner with drinks and wine starting at HK$390


Crowne Plaza Hong Kong Causeway Bay
Tel: 3980 3980

Kudos: lunch buffet HK$268 (HK$148 child); dinner buffet - first seating HK$538 (HK$318 child), second seating HK$468 (HK$288 child)

The Excelsior
Tel: 2894 8888

ToTT's and Roof Terrace: brunch buffet HK$388 (HK$248 child), includes unlimited sparking wine or soft drinks; dinner HK$1,988, includes a glass of champagne

Cafe on the 1st: lunch buffet HK$268 (HK$168 child); early dinner buffet HK$508 (HK$368 child), late dinner buffet HK$418 (HK$268 child), includes a glass of sparkling wine

Cammino: semi-buffet lunch HK$308; five-course set dinner HK$698, includes a glass of prosecco

Dickens Bar: brunch buffet HK$238; a la carte dinner HK$200 minimum charge

Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong
Tel: 2600 1000

Cafe du Parc: dinner buffet HK$428 (HK$318 senior or child); supper buffet HK$288 (HK$188 senior or child), includes a glass of sparkling wine

Vic's Pub: dinner party HK$428, includes a glass of sparkling wine

The Park Lane Hong Kong
Tel: 2839 3348

Riva: semi-buffet lunch HK$268- HK$298; six-course dinner HK$1,488

Cafe One: lunch buffet HK$288 (HK$188 child); dinner buffet HK$488 (HK$298 child); countdown buffet HK$388

Regal Hongkong Hotel
Tel: 2890 6633

Caf?Rivoli: lunch buffet HK$238 (HK$138 child), dinner buffet and countdown party HK$518 (HK$408 child)

Tiffany Lounge: countdown dinner buffet and dance party HK$588 (HK$388 child), includes a glass of champagne

Zeffirino Ristorante: semi-buffet lunch starting at HK$268; eight-course countdown set dinner HK$1,088

Rosedale on the Park
Tel: 2127 8888

SkyZone Restaurant & Lounge: brunch buffet HK$138 (HK$138 child); dinner buffet HK$498 (HK$388 child)


Harbour Grand Hong Kong
Tel: 2121 2688

Le 188?Restaurant & Lounge: seven-course set dinner HK$1,688

Kwan Cheuk Heen: set dinner from HK$338

Harbour Grand Cafe: lunch buffet HK$338 (HK$248 child); dinner buffet HK$598 (HK$498 child)

Nagomi: lunch HK$300 minimum charge; dinner HK$785 minimum charge

Harbour Plaza North Point
Tel: 2187 8888

Greens Cafe: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$218 child); dinner buffet HK$498 (HK$318 child)

The Point: countdown dance party HK$280


Le Meridien Cyberport
Tel: 2980 7788

Prompt: dinner buffet HK$698 (HK$349 child), includes a glass of champagne, add HK$150 for free-flow champagne

The Repulse Bay
Tel: 2292 2822

The Verandah: three-course set lunch HK$358

L'hotel Island South
Tel: 3968 8888

LIS: lunch buffet HK$278 (HK$178 child); early dinner buffet HK$498 (HK$348 child); late dinner buffet HK$538 (HK$388 child)


Courtyard by Marriott Hong Kong
Tel: 3717 8888

MoMo Caf? lunch buffet HK$198 (HK$138 child); dinner buffet HK$388 (HK$298 child)

Traders Hotel, Hong Kong
Tel: 2974 1234

Cafe 508: lunch buffet HK$228 (HK$108 child); dinner buffet HK$368 (HK$188 child)


East Hong Kong Hotel
Tel: 3968 3968

Feast: semi-buffet lunch HK$240; semi-buffet dinner HK$585 (HK$285 child)


Holiday Inn Golden Mile
Tel: 2369 3111

Osteria Ristorante Italiano: semi-buffet set lunch HK$248; seven-course set dinner HK$898

Delicatessen Corner: three-course set lunch HK$188; semi-buffet set dinner HK$398

Loong Yuen Cantonese Restaurant: set dinner HK$1,480 or HK$1,580 for two people; eight-course set dinner HK$4,880 or HK$6,080 for 12 people

Bistro on the Mile: lunch buffet HK$288 (HK$230 senior, HK$201 child); early dinner buffet HK$598 (HK$478 senior, HK$418 child); late dinner buffet HK$688 (HK$550 senior, HK$492 child)

Hullett House
Tel: 3988 0000

St George: eight-course dinner HK$1,988

The Parlour: champagne brunch HK$548 (HK$368 children under 12); dinner buffet - early seating HK$688, late seating HK$988

Stables Grill: four-course early set dinner HK$588; four-course late set dinner HK$888

Loong Toh Yuen: late dinner buffet HK$300

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tel: 2311 1234

Cafe: lunch buffet HK$288 (HK$144 child); dinner buffet - two seatings HK$668 (HK$334 child Hugo's: six-course set dinner HK$1,388

The Chinese Restaurant: set lunch HK$248 (HK$124 child); set dinner HK$3,280 or HK$4,680 or HK$6,180; a la carte dinner HK$500 minimum charge

Chin Chin Bar: countdown party on beverage with minimum charge of HK$280, includes a glass of sparkling wine

InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
Tel: 2721 5161

Cafe on M: lunch buffet HK$328 (HK$258 child); early dinner buffet HK648 (HK$468 child); late dinner buffet HK$748 and countdown celebration (HK$528 child)

The Mistral: six-course dinner HK$988

Hoi King Heen: six-course set dinner HK$1,388 for two people (HK$1,988 with wine)

Tiffany's New York Bar: countdown party HK$300 minimum charge

InterContinental Hong Kong
Tel: 2721 1211

Harbourside: brunch with free-flow champagne HK$788; dinner buffet - first seating HK$828 (HK$578 child), second seating HK$1,588 (HK$1,000 child)

Lobby Lounge: five-course dinner HK$2,488 (HK$1,288 child)

Spoon by Alain Ducasse: eight-course set dinner HK$3,288

Nobu InterContinental Hong Kong: eight-course omakase dinner HK$2,488; a la carte dinner HK$1,588 minimum charge

The Steak House winebar and grill: five-course set dinner HK$2,488 (HK$1,288 child)

Yan Toh Heen: eight-course set dinner HK$2,488 (HK$1,888 child)

The Kowloon Hotel
Tel: 2929 2888

The Window Cafe: lunch buffet HK$318 (HK$268 senior, HK$248 child); dinner buffet HK$528 (HK$258 child)

Kowloon Shangri-La
Tel: 2721 2111

Angelini: semi-buffet lunch HK$318 (HK$258 child); six-course set dinner HK$1,600 (HK$2,000 with three-glass wine pairing)

Caf?Kool: lunch buffet HK$318 (HK$258 child); dinner buffet - two seatings HK$628 (HK$498 child)

The Lobby Lounge: dinner buffet HK$888 (HK$788 child); countdown party HK$150 minimum charge

Shang Palace: nine-course set dinner HK$1,200 (HK$1,580 with a three-glass of wine pairing)

Nadaman: eight-course kaiseki set dinner HK$1,488, includes a glass of sparkling sake

Tapas Bar: a la carte dinner HK$150 minimum charge

The Langham Hong Kong
Tel: 2375 1133

Palm Court: dinner buffet HK$528 (HK$370 child); countdown party HK$328 minimum charge

T'ang Court: dinner HK$1,138 minimum charge

The Bostonian: three-course semi-buffet lunch HK$298; dinner HK$1,138 minimum charge

Main St Deli: three-course set lunch HK$408; four-course set dinner HK$438

L'Eclipse: lunch buffet HK$248 (HK$188 child); early dinner buffet HK$498 (HK$398 child); late dinner buffet HK$628 (HK$528 child)

Gateway Hotel
Tel: 2113 0888

Coffee Mill: lunch buffet HK$228 (HK$148 senior or child); early dinner buffet HK$428 (HK$268 senior or child); late dinner buffet HK$468 (HK$268 senior or child)

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
Tel: 2113 0088

Cucina: seven-course set dinner HK$ 1,888; seven-course set dinner with wine pairing HK$2,288

Cafe Marco: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$168 child); early dinner buffet HK$498 (HK$298 child); late dinner buffet HK$598 (HK$398 child)

Lobby Lounge: semi-buffet lunch HK$298; three-course set dinner HK$488

Prince Hotel
Tel: 2113 1888

Lobby Lounge: semi-buffet dinner HK$488

Bubbles Bar: four-course set dinner HK$328

Hotel Icon
Tel: 3400 1000

Green: four-course set dinner HK$588

The Market: lunch buffet HK$348 (HK$234 child); early dinner buffet HK$598 (HK$418 child); late buffet HK$688 (HK$488 child)

Above & Beyond: six-course dinner HK$1,188

Hotel Nikko Hong Kong
Tel: 2739 1111

Cafe Serena: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$228 child); early dinner buffet HK$578 (HK$428 child); late dinner buffet HK$538 (HK$408 child)

Sagano: seven-course dinner HK$1,400

Toh Lee: seven-course dinner HK$1,988 for two people

Sky Lounge: four-course dinner HK$860 for two people

Hotel Panorama by Rhombus
Tel: 3550 0388

AVA Restaurant Slash Bar: brunch buffet HK$398; six-course set dinner HK$1,388

Caf?Express: lunch buffet HK$238 (HK$148 child); early dinner buffet HK$428 (HK$218 child); late dinner buffet HK$588 (HK$358 child)

The Mira Hong Kong
Tel: 2368 1111

Yamm: early dinner buffet HK$518 (HK$298 children aged 3-11); late dinner buffet HK$888 (HK$538 children aged 3-11), includes a glass of juice, beer or wine

WHISK: eight-course set dinner HK$1,888

Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira: set dinner HK$688 or HK$888

The Peninsula Hong Kong
Tel: 2920 2888

The Lobby: six-course dinner HK$2,888

Gaddi's: eight-course set dinner HK$4,088

The Verandah: dinner buffet HK$1,788 (HK$998 child)

Felix: eight-course set dinner HK$3,688

Chesa: six-course set dinner HK$2,588

Spring Moon: eight-course set dinner HK$2,288

Imasa: eight-course dinner HK$2,588

The Royal Garden
Tel: 2721 5215

Sabatini: lunch buffet HK$588 (HK$428 child); seven-course dinner HK$2,088

The Greenery: lunch buffet HK$318 (HK$258 child); dinner buffet HK$838 (HK$738 child); supper buffet HK$1,288 (HK$1,188 child)

Le Soleil: four-course set dinner HK$738; four-course countdown set dinner HK$888

Inagiku Japanese Restaurant: eight-course dinner HK$1,580

Martini Bar: HK$350 minimum charge

The Royal Pacific Hotel
Tel: 2736 1188

Cafe on the Park: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$218 child); dinner buffet HK$528 (HK$428 child); late night buffet HK$558 (HK$458 child)

Pierside Bar & Restaurant: dinner buffet HK$598 (HK$498 child); countdown party HK$598

Satay Inn: set dinner starting at HK$398

Regal Kowloon Hotel
Tel: 2722 1818

Mezzo Grill: semi-buffet dinner HK$518 (HK$418 child)

Cafe Allegro: lunch buffet HK$228 (HK$148 child); dinner buffet HK$508 (HK$408 child)

Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel & Towers
Tel: 2369 1111

Oyster & Wine Bar: six-course dinner HK$2,088

Sky Lounge: semi-buffet dinner HK$1,298

Unkai Japanese Cuisine: five-course lunch HK$550; eight-course dinner HK$1,188

Celestial Court: eight-course dinner HK$538

The Caf? lunch buffet HK$348 (HK$188 child); early dinner buffet HK$673 (HK$358 child); late dinner buffet HK$708 (HK$388 child)


Eaton Smart, Hong Kong
Tel: 2782 1818

Metro Buffet & Grill/Metro Lounge/T Bar/T Garden: lunch buffet HK$228 (HK$168 child); dinner buffet HK$428 (HK$328 child); countdown buffet HK$438 (HK$338 child)

Novotel Hong Kong Nathan Road Kowloon
Tel: 3965 8888

The Square Restaurant: lunch buffet HK$228; dinner buffet HK$358 (HK$208 child); late supper buffet HK$308 (HK$208 child)

Tasca Bar: four-course set dinner HK$428

Harbour Grand Kowloon
Tel: 2621 3188

Promenade: lunch buffet HK$288 (HK$208 child); dinner buffet HK$688 (HK$448 child)

Harbour Grill: six-course set dinner HK$1,380

Waterfront Bar & Terrace: dinner buffet HK$548 (HK$388 child)

Robatayaki: eight-course dinner HK$880; a la carte dinner HK$880 minimum charge

Hoi Yat Heen: four-course set dinner HK$520

Harbour Plaza 8 Degrees
Tel: 2126 1988

Cafe 8 Degrees: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$218 senior or child); dinner buffet HK$498 (HK$358 senior or child); supper buffet HK$338 (HK$238 senior or child); set dinner HK$398 (HK$288 senior or child)

Harbour Plaza Metropolis
Tel: 3160 6888

Promenade Restaurant: lunch buffet HK$328 (HK$268 child); dinner buffet - first seating HK$488 (HK$368 child), second seating and countdown party HK$698 (HK$498 child)

Senzuru Japanese Restaurant: six-course set dinner HK$888, includes a glass of sparkling wine (minimum of two people)

Langham Place Hotel
Tel: 3552 3388

The Place: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$198 child); early dinner buffet HK$628 (HK$418 child); late dinner buffet HK$698 (HK$468 child)

The Backyard: dinner buffet HK$598 (HK$388 child)

Tokoro-Robatayaki & Bar: seven-course lunch HK$480; seven-course dinner HK$980

Metropark Hotel Kowloon
Tel: 2761 1711

Palm Court Western Restaurant: lunch buffet HK$188 (HK$138 child); dinner buffet HK$528 (HK$328 child); countdown supper buffet HK$238

Sip Sip Bar: semi-buffet dinner HK$298; countdown party HK$248

Metropark Hotel Mongkok
Tel: 2397 6683

Cafe Concourse: lunch buffet HK$138 (HK$118 children aged 3-11, HK$118 senior); dinner buffet HK$388 (HK$328 children aged 3-11, HK$328 senior)

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong
Tel: 2263 2263

Tosca: eight-course countdown dinner and party HK$3,288

Tin Lung Heen: eight-course set dinner HK$1,688

The Lounge & Bar: early dinner buffet HK$1,488 or HK$2,288; late dinner buffet HK$1,688 or HK$2,488

Ozone: countdown party HK$1,000, includes a glass of champagne

Cafe 103: lunch buffet HK$488; dinner buffet HK$528 or HK$728

Regal Oriental Hotel
Tel: 2718 0333

Cafe Neo: dinner buffet HK$468 (HK$268 child)

The China Coast Pub and Restaurant: party HK$138 minimum charge; four-course set dinner HK$328 (minimum of two people)

Royal Plaza Hotel
Tel: 2928 8822

La Scala: lunch buffet HK$368 (HK$268 child); early dinner buffet HK$588 (HK$398 child); late dinner buffet HK$648 (HK$448 child)

La Fontana: dance party HK$1,388

W Hong Kong
Tel: 3717 2222

Kitchen: brunch HK$508 (HK$254 child); dinner buffet - first seating HK$900 (HK$450 child), second seating HK$1,090 (HK$545 child)

Sing Yin Cantonese Dining: seven-course set lunch HK$298; seven-course set dinner HK$1,088


Panda Hotel
Tel: 2409 1111

Panda Cafe: lunch buffet HK$228 (HK$188 senior or child); dinner buffet HK$338 (HK$238 senior or child); supper buffet and countdown party HK$298 (HK$228 senior or child)

Balcony: lunch HK$268; dinner HK$498

Sports Bar: countdown party HK$188, includes two glasses of standard drinks

Harbour Plaza Resort City
Tel: 2180 6688

New York New York Restaurant: dinner buffet HK$268 (HK$198 child)

Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel
Tel: 2452 8888

Cafe Lagoon: lunch buffet HK$358 (HK$248 child); early dinner buffet HK$568 (HK$398 child); countdown dinner buffet HK$458 (HK$328 child)

The Atrium Lobby Lounge: party HK$788 (HK$488 child)

Satay Inn: dinner buffet HK$428 (HK$268 child); countdown party HK$238

Yue Chinese Restaurant: eight-course dinner HK$598

Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha Tin
Tel: 3723 1234

Cafe: lunch buffet HK$338 (HK$169 child); early dinner buffet HK$618 (HK$309 child); late dinner buffet HK$638 (HK$319 child), includes a glass of beer or non-alcoholic drink

Sha Tin 18: a la carte dinner HK$350 (HK$175 child) minimum charge

Pool Bar: dinner HK$498 (HK$249 child), includes a glass of beer or non-alcoholic drink

Regal Riverside Hotel
Tel: 2649 7878

Aji Bou Izakaya: semi-buffet dinner HK$368 (HK$288 child)

Avanti Pizzeria: set lunch HK$228; five-course dinner HK$558

Vi: set lunch HK$158; nine-course dinner HK$368

L'Eau Restaurant: lunch buffet HK$238 (HK$188 child); early dinner buffet HK$468 (HK$328 child); supper buffet HK$288 (HK$188 child)

Royal Park Hotel
Tel: 2601 2111

2+2 Caf? lunch buffet HK$228 (HK$138 child); early dinner buffet HK$448 (HK$198 child); late dinner buffet HK $508 (HK$198 child)

One+One bar: lunch buffet HK$128 (HK$98 child); early dinner buffet HK$398 (HK$198 child); late dinner buffet HK$508 (HK$198 child)

City Art Restaurant: semi-buffet lunch HK$188; dinner HK$638

Sakurada Japanese Restaurant: semi-buffet lunch HK$258; six-course early dinner HK$698; six-course late dinner HK$698


Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
Tel: 3510 6000

Enchanted Garden: lunch buffet HK$428 (HK$238 child); dinner buffet - two seatings HK$798 (HK$438 child) Crystal Lotus: eight-course set dinner HK$588 or HK$488

Grand Salon: countdown party HK$158

Walt's Caf? four-course set dinner HK$468 (HK$298 child)

Disney's Hollywood Hotel
Tel: 3510 5000

Chef Mickey: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$168 child); dinner buffet - two seatings HK$558 (HK$308 child)

Hong Kong SkyCity Marriott Hotel
Tel: 3969 1888

SkyCity Bistro: lunch buffet HK$298 (HK$168 child); dinner buffet HK$528 (HK$298 child)

Velocity Bar and Grill: four-course set dinner HK$1,288 per couple (HK$388 child) Compiled by Kobi Chan All prices per person except where indicated. All prices plus 10 per cent. Advance booking is recommended.