Childhood sweethearts get their just desserts

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 17 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 17 December, 2011, 12:00am


Before Anthony Ho fell in love with Gloria Li, he had a fondness for the tofu desserts her mother made and sold outside their school.

'I used to have tofu desserts every day after school, and when I realised it was Gloria's mum who owned the stand, it was double happiness for me,' Anthony, a stage actor, said.

Anthony married hairdresser Gloria on December 12, and the couple held a banquet at a seafood restaurant in Tai Po to celebrate.

They met nine years ago when they were in middle school. They sat next to each other in class and both joined the extracurricular drama group, so they spent many hours together and it wasn't long before love was in the air.

'Gloria's really thoughtful and takes good care of me. She is very sweet,' Anthony said.

In 2002, Anthony messaged Gloria and asked her to be his girl. Gloria was shocked and went offline immediately. The next day, Anthony caught up with her and told her his feelings in person.

'My heart was pounding so fast, but still Gloria didn't reply until three days later, when she said she'd like to give it a try,' Anthony said. They've been together ever since.

'I really want to thank her because she's been really understanding and supportive,' Anthony said. 'As an actor, I work really long hours. But she's never doubted me.'

In February last year, Anthony proposed to Gloria while they were on holiday in South Korea. Being a fan of Korean soap operas, Gloria insisted on visiting a ski resort that had been used as a location in one of her favourite series. The novices had a fright when they got separated and ended up on different ski lifts.

'When we finally found our way back to each other, I was overwhelmed,' Anthony said. 'I wanted to be with Gloria for the rest of my life.'

Without a ring, Anthony made a tiny snowball instead. 'I told her that I was like the snowball that just melted in her hands,' Anthony said, 'and I'd not go anywhere until she agreed to marry me.'

His improvised proposal worked and Gloria said yes.

'Gloria and I complete each other. I also love her because she worked so hard to achieve her dreams and she's always been there for me,' Anthony said. 'And of course, I probably won't have to pay for tofu desserts any more.'