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PUBLISHED : Monday, 19 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 19 December, 2011, 12:00am


NT Heung Yee Kuk Tai Po District Secondary School

The school's 29th annual Speech Day on November 18 began with a procession of invited guests and staff into the school hall, followed by the playing of the national anthem.

Cheung Hok-ming, chairman of the school council, made the opening speech. He began by thanking the guest of honour, Professor Joseph Sung Jao-yiu, vice-chancellor and president of Chinese University, and official guest Lau Wong-fat, chairman of the Heung Yee Kuk. Cheung said Sung cares about society, as does the Heung Yee Kuk, and students should work hard and try to do the same for society in the future.

Principal Kwok Siu-fai then gave the school report. He said the school's public exam results had improved and mentioned student Chak Shu-fai, who was named Watsons Best Athlete for 2010-2011. He went on to point out some of the highlights of the last school year, such as the arts exhibition, a variety show, and a banquet in the newly air-conditioned school hall. Kwok then reported on the students' sporting achievements.

Certificates were presented, followed by a speech from Sung. He spoke about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, whom he saw as a great visionary. Jobs used his talent to develop things that were important to him, and he dedicated his life to doing what he believed in.

Sung said he learned from Jobs that everyone has to love something in life. If you love something and dedicate your life to it, then you can ignore the saying 'No pain, no gain', he said. To love your work means that you will not feel the pain of what is required of you, whether it be overtime or long working hours, Sung added. Jobs failed many times but never gave up. In conclusion, Sung reminded students not to give up, but to stay strong and determined and to work hard towards achieving the targets they set for themselves.

Students gave Sung a souvenir - an acrylic painting which promoted environmental awareness.

A special presentation of a silver tray was made to school staff who had served at the school for more than 15 years.

A student representative gave a vote of thanks to the distinguished guests and to the school.

The audience was then entertained by musical performances by students. This was followed by the serving of delicious refreshments.

CCC Chuen Yuen College

CCC Chuen Yuen College held its English Speaking Day on November 4. The school's English Society prepared many interesting activities to help students brush up their language skills.

All students were encouraged to speak English with their schoolmates and teachers throughout the day. The organisers prepared topics for the students to discuss with their teachers. This activity helped the teachers and students develop a closer relationship.

An open forum was held during lunch time in the playground. It offered students a chance to air their opinions on issues that had been in the headlines recently. Members of the audience were allowed to ask questions of the speakers and respond to the answers.

On the other side of the playground, four games stalls - Jumbled Sentence, The Lost Sock, The Number Maze and Splat the Rat - were set up. The games were all based on the English language. Winners received prizes including sweets, bookmarks and stationery.

The English Speaking Day was a great success, and we are looking forward to the next one.

Lai Chack Middle School

Lai Chack Middle School held its annual Sports Day on November 23-24 at the Hammer Hill Road Sports Ground in Diamond Hill.

The heats were on the first day, and the finals the next day.

Liu Po-chu, who chairs the alumni association, was the guest of honour at the opening ceremony. She said students who take part in school events will have lasting memories of their school lives.

She was not disappointed, since all the students either took part in the races or cheered enthusiastically for their housemates.

The guest of honour at the closing ceremony was Fong Sze-man, who chairs the parent-teacher association. Sharing her experiences with the students, she said perseverance was crucial for success.