Fugitive policewoman got paid during 5 years on the run

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 December, 2011, 12:00am


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A former policewoman received her salary during five years on the run after being charged with colluding with five colleagues to kill a man in a police station.

Wang Haiyu, 33, was among six officers accused of murdering a man at a police station in Zhoukou , Henan, in September 2004, The Beijing News reported. She was arrested in 2006, but fled after being released on bail to give birth in October that year. She remained on the run until her capture last month. Wang went on trial in a Henan court yesterday.

The Beijing News quoted an unnamed police officer who deals with the station's finances as saying Wang had received her monthly salary from the police while she was a fugitive.

'I guess she has been on sick leave,' the officer said, giving no clue as to whether Wang had been sacked.

The other police officers in the case were all sentenced before 2009. One was executed in 2007, while the others were given jail terms ranging from 10 years to life.

The report said Wang is the daughter of a former senior prosecutor in Zhoukou.

In 2004, Li Shengli, a middle-aged man who had been made redundant by a state-owned enterprise in Zhoukou, died after being beaten unconsciousness and hurled from the fourth floor of a police station building. The police officers involved fabricated evidence Li had committed suicide, the report said.

Local forensic experts said they saw no problem with the conclusion Li had committed suicide but relatives kept insisting he had been murdered by the police.

The case remained unsolved until 2005, when Wang Wanchun, a deputy head of the prosecution office in Zhoukou, took charge of the investigation. A teenager claiming to be a witness said he saw police dump Li from the fourth floor.

2,089 yuan

The amount, in yuan, that fresh police graduates on the mainland earn in a month, according to a 2009 survey by pollster Mycos