PUBLISHED : Friday, 30 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 30 December, 2011, 12:00am


Give the gift of true warmth this season

As the weather turns colder, we should think about whether the poor have enough clothes to stay warm.

Every season, people spend thousands of dollars on the latest fashion, without thinking that they already have a lot of clothes in their wardrobe. They throw away the ones that are 'old-fashioned'. What a waste.

If people saved the money they spent on fashion and donated it to charity, they could really improve the lives of others. Another option is to donate unwanted clothes to charity.

After all, giving is better than receiving.

Carol Yiu Wing-yi, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Think twice before breaking trust

I am sorry for my bad behaviour, which broke the trust that my beloved teacher Ms Judy Lo had allowed me to earn.

When I was in Form Five, my teachers, including Ms Lo, praised me for getting good results. This praise turned me into an arrogant person. Worse still, I cheated during a dictation test in English class so that I could keep up my good grades.

Time has passed and I am now a Form Six student. Ms Lo has already forgiven that act of dishonesty and treats me as well as in the past.

I am lucky that I can have a chance to be an honest person again, but I still feel regret even now. I truly hope everyone can learn from my mistakes and think twice before you act.

Stephen Chu Ka-kin, SKH Kei Hau Secondary School

Teens need more than just study

I am writing to share my thoughts about beliefs. Most parents want their children to do well at school and think that their children share this idea.

But what kind of environment do teenagers like? A place where they can relax.

Yet, many must spend their time studying, practising or revising.

Is this really necessary? Is it better having a robot than having a real child?

I want to remind parents that while they may wish for a robot-like son, it is not a good idea in reality.

Leo Kwong Ka-long, King Ling College

Higher power rates impose heavy cost

I don't support the new tariff structure proposed by Hong Kong's electricity suppliers. It will increase the financial burden on many people.

Although the new tariffs would make bigger power consumers pay more, the proposal would directly affect our quality of life. These days, people are worried about the rising prices of foods and other things. So when they have to pay more for electricity, they may have to cut back on their daily necessities.

I think we should promote the idea of saving electricity instead of raising electricity rates.

The power suppliers want us to use less electricity, but is it acceptable to increase the bill so much? Surely not. They should consider the financial situation of the public and set reasonable electricity rates.

Derek Ho, Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School

Two steps to better Avenue of Stars

The Avenue of Stars is one of the city's most famous attractions but it is notorious for its lack of rest areas.

People also complain that the Avenue of Stars does not have enough rubbish bins. In addition, because it is a popular spot with mainlanders, you can easily be pushed or elbowed by people helping the visitors to take photos.

The Tourism Board should do something to help solve the problem before the Avenue of Stars becomes the worst kind of tourist trap.

The first thing to do is to put more rubbish bins on the walkways. They you don't have to hold onto waste for almost a kilometre before finding a place to dump it.

Most people would find it very annoying to have to hold on to rubbish for such a long distance, so they would just throw it away. If there are more bins, then there will certainly be less rubbish lying around.

The second thing is to provide more places to stop and rest. If a place lacks rest areas, visitors will surely have bad memories of it and not return. Having enough places to rest will leave a good impression.

Chiu Yat-ming