Soulmates start new life in Boston

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 31 December, 2011, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 31 December, 2011, 12:00am


Jenny Lau and Keith Wong met during orientation seven years ago when they began studying at the University of Hong Kong.

Jenny, 26, an auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Keith, 27, a PhD student at Boston University, wed on Tuesday at the InterContinental hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, celebrating with about 400 friends and relatives.

They didn't talk much during the orientation camp but Keith ran into Jenny a few times in the corridor of her floor in the residential hall. The floor was for girls only.

'Many of my peers kept noticing him appearing on our floor and took advantage of him by getting him to do any heavy lifting and things such as changing light bulbs,' Jenny recalled. What she didn't know was that Keith thought of her as a 'charming supermodel'.

'But I wasn't too impressed with him at the beginning because I'd heard that he was a sort of playboy,' Jenny said. 'But he turned out to be the very opposite.'

The couple have lived on different continents for five of the seven years they've been dating because Keith decided to pursue a PhD in Boston after graduating in 2006, researching regenerative medicine. It was initially hard for them to adapt.

'In the first month that he moved to Boston, I was so depressed that I cried every night while talking to him on the phone,' Jenny said.

They even put their relationship on hold at one stage. 'But the feelings never faded away,' Jenny said. 'We've been soulmates for so long that being parted was like losing a piece of your life.'

During a trip to Las Vegas in 2009, Keith popped the question. 'I totally thought he was going to propose when he took me to a fancy restaurant for dinner, but I was wrong,' Jenny said.

She got her surprise when they left the restaurant and found a chauffeur-driven limousine waiting for them. They were taken on a ride around town, and while being dazzled by the neon lights of the big city, Keith took out an even more sparkling diamond ring that brought tears to Jenny's eyes.

'I admire his passion for science and his belief in doing the best on every occasion,' she said.

Keith said: 'Jenny could have lived a stable and carefree life, yet she chose to take this adventurous path to begin our lives in Boston, far away from her family. I was truly touched by her determination and dedication.'

Jenny will join Keith in Boston next week.

'I am so thankful that my parents understand. I know it's very difficult for every parent. I'm also grateful that my company offered me a position in Boston. We are both very excited about starting our new life,' she said.