Ancient art for success

PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 January, 2012, 12:00am


If you are starting the year by moving into a new office, fung shui could help boost your business.

Inquire about who occupied the office before and why they moved out. If it was someone who expanded their business and moved to a bigger office, do not hesitate about moving in.

Ask about the seating arrangements and the position of the desk, and if it feels right to you, use the same set up as your successful predecessor.

'If you take over [an office] from someone who was sacked, got sick or went bankrupt, you need to reassess the layout and change the seating arrangements,' advises Jin Peh, fung shui expert and columnist.

As a rule of thumb, sit with your back to a wall or partition and in clear view of the door; if you need to sit with your back to the window, pull the blind.

'You should not position your desk directly against a wall, but have some space ahead of you where positive energy can accumulate,' Peh says. 'Do not hang shelves above your desk as they will press down and make it hard to concentrate.'

According to the Flying Star formula, predominantly used in Hong Kong, the wealth sector in the Year of the Dragon, which will start towards the end of this month, will be in the west.

'If your door is in the western sector, you will have increased traffic and better business,' Peh says. 'However, if there is a store room, computer server or closet in the western sector of your office where human activity is low, business will suffer.' The wealth sector can be stimulated by flowing water, such as by putting a fountain or an aquarium there.

Peh cautions against renovating the southeastern sector of offices or homes, because the dragon corresponds to this sector. Disturbing this area can induce unpleasant events.

Neither is it advisable to renovate the directly opposite area in the northwest.

Peh adds that the receptionist should not sit right opposite the main entrance to prevent high staff turnover.

It is also important not to have a mirror, glass or other shiny surface directly opposite the main entrance as it deflects business away.

Peh notes that without knowing the exact time of birth, it is hard to tell what kind of year anyone faces.

'To get a complete astrological picture, you need to consider the hour, day, month and year of birth.

'If you only look at the year, everyone in the same year of your primary school class would have the same fortune results,' he says.