PUBLISHED : Monday, 02 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 02 January, 2012, 12:00am


Performing can bring confidence

When I was very small, I was quite shy in front of people and rarely spoke. But when I was three years old, I started to learn dancing. It really changed me a lot. It was difficult for me and I could not sleep well the day before a performance.

Fortunately, my dancing teachers, friends and family members encouraged me. After a few performances, I gained more confidence.

Now I have a lot of experience and I dance much better. Every time my performance is followed by applause, I get a strong sense of satisfaction which can keep me happy for a whole week.

To me, dancing is a passion. I am sure it will be my lifelong hobby since it has had a big influence on me.

Amanda Chan, SKH Lam Woo Memorial Secondary School

Team spirit makes day for scouts

Recently the scout group I belong to joined a foot drill competition and I was one of the participants. I would just like to thank all the other scout members who helped us that day.

The competition started at 8.30am. All of us woke up at 5am. When I arrived at the ground for the competition, I noticed that not only were the 15 participants there, but also other scouts who volunteered to help us. They helped us carry our things and get ready, and bought us breakfast.

I don't know why they were so kind to us when they could have been doing lots of other things with their spare time, but I was really grateful. Without those voluntary scout members, we would not have had such great team spirit, and we would not have performed so well.

Natalie Chung Siu-tung, Tsuen Wan Public Ho Chuen Yiu Memorial College

Students flourish at non-elite schools

Children in Hong Kong rely on their parents so much that they don't know how to plan their future. This includes deciding which school is suitable for them. They are so protected that they cannot look after themselves.

These parents often force their children to study round the clock so they can get into the best schools. Then the parents boast about their children's achievements to relatives.

They rate academic success very highly. And because they are strict and have such high expectations, their children follow instructions without question.

I don't think we should label schools for their academic performance. Even if a school is not regarded as an elite institution, there are always model students who can play leadership roles. Students from Band Three schools can also become very successful.

If students are smart, they can still get good results no matter which school they attend. It is time for students to grow up and learn to be independent. As for 'overprotective' parents, they should let their children decide their own futures.

Holly Yip Hoi-lai, QualiEd College

Be grateful for a comfortable home

Could you ever imagine living in a cage home? All you own must fit into this tiny space and you have to share toilets and a kitchen.

In Hong Kong, there are many people living in cage homes because they cannot afford anything else. Rents in private buildings are too high and there is a long wait for flats in public estates. I think I am very lucky to live in a flat that my parents bought 20 years ago. Although it is not a big house, it is a sweet home for me and my family.

I hope all teenagers can be thankful that they don't need to worry about where they have to live.

Mani Fung Sze-man, King Ling College

Bad practices a cause for concern

After reading stories about the reuse of needles in mainland hospitals, I think something should be done about this. Even if the hospitals don't have enough needles, they should ensure the needles are well sterilised.

The central government and the health department should care more about sanitation in hospitals and clinics. There have been many cases where mishaps have caused permanent injury or death.

If the mainland authorities do not tackle these problems, patients will not go to these hospitals and it may affect government income and the country's reputation. Also, countries won't co-operate with China on medical treatment.

Jason Leung Wai-kit