Vintage look in vogue

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 January, 2012, 12:00am


Weddings aren't only a celebration of love, they also reflect personal style and taste. And, for couples who want to be known as stylish and modern, wedding specialists Vivien Chung and Louisa Wong share their insights into the hottest wedding trends for this year.

One of the hottest trends is vintage, which continues from last year. 'Vintage is one of Hong Kong's most popular wedding themes,' says Chung, manager at Ines Weddings ( 'Many couples are using vintage frames for photos and the bride's dress has some lace, but not too many ruffles.'

Chung adds that the vintage focus is on the bride and not the groom, whose attire remains simple and formal, and the colour of choice is grey. 'Couples want traditional decorations but presented in a modern way like fresh flowers and paper flowers.' At Chanel's Spring 2009 show, the fashion house decorated the stage and models in elaborate paper flowers.

Paper flowers are still a hit in Hong Kong. Chung says purple has been the most popular hue for the past two years and shows no sign of waning. She predicts purple paired with pink and ivory will be a popular combination.

Another trend unfolding is simple graphic patterns for wedding stationery. 'In the last two to three years, a lot of clients are looking for a themed series for the whole wedding,' Chung says. She adds many couples would have had different wedding stationery for the invitation, table menu and seating card.

For locations to say 'I do', weddings are getting a breath of fresh air. The manager says 'outdoor weddings have been a huge hit because they can be fun and relaxing. And the event feels even more special in a garden or beach'.

Weddings seem to be shrinking. Chung says many involve about 100 to 150 guests, while previously couples invited 200 to 300 family members and friends. 'This also makes the day easier to manage.'

Director of event sales at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, Louisa Wong predicts the hottest colour theme will be red, gold and cream, with peonies and pink-coloured flowers the most popular floral choice.

When it comes to the food, Wong says traditional six- to eight-course meals are becoming pass?. The bride- and groom-to-be are opting for changes, such as a Chinese banquet with Western desserts, Chinese menu with Western presentation or a fusion menu.