Cucina Rose

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 05 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Thursday, 05 January, 2012, 12:00am


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Brandy and tea doesn't sound like a winning combination; it seems as unlikely as the once-trendy Scotch and green tea. But the Cucina restaurant at the Marco Polo Hongkong hotel offers a tasty cocktail of cognac and a herbal infusion called the Cucina Rose.

The restaurant has always offered an odd menu of Italian and Chinese dishes, perhaps thinking that offering two of the world's most popular cuisines would ensure diners find at least one dish they like.

The restaurant's culinary credentials have been bolstered by the recent arrival of chef Carmine Esposito from Italy.

The drink is one of many on offer at a bar that likes to regularly reinvent its cocktail menu.

Hong Kong has had a long love affair with brandy. In November an anonymous Hongkonger spent a record US$156,000 on a bottle of Croizet Vintage 1858 cognac, made 10 years before Martell started exporting to Asia. And the bar has a long history of experimenting with tea-based cocktails - an Earl Grey martini springs to mind - so the Cucina Rose is not so far-fetched. The drink is not to be confused with the Rose of Cucina, a concoction of champagne, cognac and raspberries, although no doubt after a couple of either it could be.


25ml Remy VSOP

25ml strawberry liqueur

20ml strawberry pur?e

35ml Prosecco

Rose petal tea


Mix brandy, strawberry liqueur and strawberry pur?e into a shaker and shake well.

Pour into a white wine glass

Top with the Prosecco Garnish with the rose petal tea