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PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 06 January, 2012, 12:00am


Let there be light - as the biblical saying goes - for it can transform an ordinary home into a comfortable and desirable living space. Light highlights the beauty, design and ambience of a home. Yet, quality lighting is often overlooked.

'Lighting should be about the people who use it, whether they feel comfortable in the space or not,' says Japanese lighting designer Masanobu Takeishi.

'Lighting has to fulfil its functional role as people need it to do things like cooking and reading. Another role lighting plays is creating the right atmosphere.'

Takeishi is founder of the award-winning Tokyo-based lighting design company Illumination of City Environment, which has collaborated with the likes of Park Hyatt Seoul and Italian fashion brand Miss Sixty.

He advises using a few lamps such as the table lamp and the ceiling light, instead of using one lamp, to highlight a room.

'After you have switched on all the lights, set the level of brightness at the most comfortable first. Then you can proceed to create the desirable atmosphere by dimming the lights. Use dimmable lights so that you can control the brightness of the room. Maintenance is important also - use light bulbs which can be easily purchased on the market.'

But lighting a home well can be a challenge, says Blanca Ho, public relations and communication manager at Neonlite Electronic & Lighting (HK).

'Home decor must fuse with the interior design style, and accent lighting that highlights the decor and niche displays will definitely enhance the appeal of a home,' Ho says.

'Colour temperature is also an indispensable factor for home users in choosing lighting. Warm white is often used in the living room where a homely welcoming atmosphere is required. When it comes to cool white, it is desirable for modern-looking rooms and working areas as it can help reduce visual and mental fatigue.'

For the eco-conscious, using LED lamps to enliven their home is increasingly popular.

'The ban on incandescent lamps has started to take effect in many countries. This has led to a surge of LED lamps, that can last longer and save up to 80 per cent of electricity compared with traditional lamps. Driven by government policy and positive market response, the LED lighting industry is booming and opens up the mainstream lighting market for home usage in the future,' Ho says.