Moro: The Cookbook

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 January, 2012, 12:00am


Moro: The Cookbook
By Sam and Sam Clark

Moorish restaurant Moro has been pleasing diners since it was opened in 1997, in London, by husband-and-wife team of Sam(uel) and Sam(antha) Clark. The two chefs worked together at Italian restaurant The River Cafe and travelled through Spain and North Africa, tasting the food and experimenting with the cuisines, before opening Moro.

Although the book's photography doesn't always make the food look appetising, the recipes are mouthwatering. The book starts with a short but in-depth study of bread, with recipes for sourdough starter, Moro sourdough bread, flatbread and Moroccan bread. As at Moro, you can mix-and-match the cuisines in the book- rather than clashing, they have a lot in common, because Spanish food was heavily influenced by the Moors who once called Iberia home. The recipes in the book are quite easy, such as: quails' eggs with cumin; beetroot with yogurt; mussels vinaigrette; Moorish skewers (pork fillet marinated with herbs, paprika, saffron and garlic); charcoal-grilled quail with pomegranate molasses; fried liver with chopped salad and yogurt-cumin sauce; paella with pork chorizo and spinach; fish tagine with potatoes, tomatoes and olives; churros with chocolate; and chocolate and apricot tart.