Nikon J1/V1

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 08 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 08 January, 2012, 12:00am


On the outside, the new Nikon 1 J1 and V1 models might look plain and simple, but hidden within is a brand new Nikon imaging system that offers super-fast response time and enhanced features.

The new CX format, featuring a high-speed AF CMOS sensor, allows you to shoot 10 frames per second at the full 10-megapixel resolution, as well as full HD video at 1080p.

There is even an option to do super-slow-motion video at a whopping 1,200 frames per second - albeit at a much reduced quality level.

But perhaps the best thing about the J1 and V1 is that they are really simple to use. Nikon has stripped out most of the hardware controls on both models and reduced them to four simple settings. These have also been moved to the back of the camera rather than the typical location on top.

In addition to the basic 'still' or 'video' modes, there are two advanced options called Smart Photo, when the camera takes four photos in rapid succession so you can select the best one, and Motion Snapshot, which records a second of video every time you take a photo.

That's all you need to get started with the Nikon 1's.

Of course, all the advanced options, such as aperture or shutter priority and full manual exposure, are there; they're just hidden inside the camera's software.

Prices for the J1 and V1 (which features a built-in viewfinder) with 10-30mm lens, start at HK$5,280 and HK$7,480 respectively.

Pros: fast sensor, simple design, full HD video, super-slow motion, time-lapse shooting

Cons: no built-in flash, slow-motion video only available at VGA quality and below