PUBLISHED : Monday, 09 January, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 09 January, 2012, 12:00am


Mainland hygiene needs improving

During visits to the mainland, you often find there aren't enough rubbish bins.

As a result, locals simply throw rubbish on the ground or dump it somewhere else.

Hygiene on the mainland is not good enough and it causes some problems.

Firstly, the lack of proper hygiene harms the image of the country.

When visitors see a lot of rubbish on the streets, they may worry about getting sick and decide not to visit the country again.

Secondly, bad hygiene can lead to the problem of rats and cockroaches. Some rubbish such as leftover food can become breeding grounds for insects and bugs. These small animals can be carriers of dangerous diseases.

In a worst-case scenario, an epidemic may break out. That could cause many deaths and harm China's economy.

It is very important that the mainland make a greater effort to clean up its environment.

Vivian Lam, STFA Tam Pak Yu College

Our work culture is sorely lacking

A recent survey found out that most Hong Kong workers are not satisfied with their work environment and are considering leaving their jobs.

Experts think communication is key to retaining staff. Improved communication between workers and bosses can boost morale and increase job satisfaction.

In my opinion, these findings are essential to Hong Kong's economy and development.

We need to improve our work culture to boost productivity.

Apart from good communication between bosses and workers, a pleasant work environment is also crucial.

The technical term for this is 'happiness quotient'. If a person's happiness quotient is higher, they are capable of boosting the efficiency of their company.

That way, workers will be willing to work harder and increase their productivity.

Angela Chan, Pooi To Middle School

Data leak shows up security problems

Recently, some messages appeared on the internet, saying that lots of popular Chinese websites and even government networks have had their database of users' private information leaked.

It included e-mails, passwords, telephone numbers, and ID numbers. Tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of people were affected.

The incident shows that companies and government agencies do not have adequate security systems in place.

For example, a password database that had been leaked was found not to have even a single encryption protection system.

This leak should prompt companies and government agencies to review their privacy protection policies.

Wai Kin-long, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

Let's encourage the use of bikes

A recent article said that government policies are out of step about the use of bicycles.

I agree.

Although I am not a bike enthusiast, I think there are several advantages to cycling.

Firstly, it can ease traffic congestion, especially during rush hour. If we could ride a bicycle to work, to school, or to run errands, the traffic problem would improve.

Secondly, riding bikes is good for our health.

People who work indoors have a higher risk of becoming obese.

They lack exercise because they have sit in the office all day long. Riding a bike to work could help them stay fit and healthy.

As we can see, cycling can help improve our quality of life in several ways.

Yet the attitude of the relevant authorities seems to lack sincerity.

For starters, there are few parking spaces for bikes in the city. People have no choice but to park somewhere illegally. They risk having their bikes impounded.

To solve this problem, the authorities should create more parking spaces for bicycles.

The government can allow people to park under pedestrian bridges. Or else, they can create spaces for bikes in existing parking lots.

I hope the government gives serious consideration to the issue and respond accordingly.

Mercy Wong, Carmel Bunnan Tong Memorial Secondary School